Repurposed 45 Record Advent Calendar

My mom made an advent calendar for my family when I was young.  I remember how much fun my brother and I had every December opening little gifts that she’d wrapped for us.  I have an advent calendar that my mom made for me that I’m able to share with my children.  We all thoroughly enjoy every morning in December because of the excitement of discovering what’s on the advent calendar.  But you know me, I had to find a way to make a repurposed advent calendar and did it with an upcycled 45 record.   And it cost under $5 ($2 if you already have the Mod Podge).Anone else hearing Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree playing in the background?

Upcycled Advent Calendar from a repurposed 45 record - Organized 31
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I found this 45 record at a thrift store.  After a walk down memory lane and lots of fun reading the record labels, I bought it for $.50.  I picked up a bag of wood clothes pins at the store for $.99.

I cut a piece of decorative paper to the size of the yellow record label.  Since I was using an old record, I decided to go for a retro look with the decorative paper, but you could change the look with a more traditional pattern.

I used an old fashioned scrapbook cutting system, but you could use a fancy newfangled cutting machine or even scissors if you have a steady hand.

I had some Glitter Mod Podge left over from a project I’ll show you on Friday.
  I covered the entire record and label generously with the Glitter Mod Podge.  Take the time to let it dry well since the next step involves hot glue on top of the Mod Podged surface.
I painted the clothes pins green to coordinate with my decorative paper.  After they were dry, I hot glued the clothes pins onto the record.  If you have younger children, you may want to use a stronger glue.  With the hot glue, you have to be very careful when you press the clothespin open or the glue  and clothespin will pop off the record.

I was careful to leave a space to attach a ribbon for hanging.  I spaced 24 (but you could use 25 depending on your family tradition) clothespins around the rest of the circumference and glued them into place.

I printed numbers out in a fun font (I chose the Broadway font in Word because it has a retro look to it).  You could easily use stickers or write them yourself.  I used a circle punch to punch out the numbers.  I had measured the size of my punched circle and planned the size of my font.  It may take you a couple of tries to get it right.

I added a coordinating circle to the back of the numbers and clipped them into each clothes pin.

My mom always wrapped small gifts that would fit inside a match box up to give with our advent calendar.  My brother and I took turns opening gifts every other day.  I do the same with my children, although some of my gifts are larger than a matchbox (I’m not as creative as my mom).
With this advent calendar, you could have your child turn in each number in for a small gift, a piece of candy or to choose from a list of fun family activities one to do that day.
Upcycled Advent Calendar from a repurposed 45 record - Organized 31
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Am I the only one that hears “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” playing in my head when I look at this Advent Calendar?
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    I just love this! We have always had an Advents calendar, but it is one with chocolates behind each little window or door. My 22 year old still waits for her grandmother to send one. I love this idea!

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    Hi Susan – Oh wow you really out did yourself this time. We have a huge stack of old records we need to go through and now the wheels are spinning how else to repurpose. And yes… that was the song my mother and I always sang. Makes you wanna dance! Hugs, Holly


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