Upcycled Book Page Christmas Wreath

There’s nothing like  a challenge from a group of blog friends to motivate you to create a wreath in just 3 days.  Then along comes a snow storm and no way to get to the store.  Big plans for a DIY knock-your-socks-off wreath went out the window.  If necessity is the mother of invention, then the snow storm was the mother of finding items to repurpose into a wreath.  This wreath cost me $.50 and took about 30 minutes (after the several hours or wracking my brain and digging through my repurposing stash of  trash items).  So, without further ado, let me show you my almost free upcycled book page wreath.Upcycled Book Page Wreath - Organized 31

 I knew that I wanted to use one of the 45 records I found at the thrift store last month (one of the records I used to make my Repurposed 45 Record Advent Calendar) as the base of the wreath.   I had originally intended on glueing red and white striped straws to the record and making a retro 50’s looking wreath.   I’d just seen a book page wreath on The Shabby Creek Cottage so when I found this old book in my donate pile, I knew I could make my own Book Page Wreath.  I cut the pages in half since I was using a smaller wreath base.Supplies

Using a pencil, roll your book page from one corner to the next to make a tube.  Check both sides of your page to plan how much print you want showing once you roll your page up.rolling 

Once it’s all rolled up, slightly loosen the roll so you can slide the pencil out.  Use a glue dot to attach the final corner of the page to the paper roll.roll pencil

Make a bunch of these paper rolls.  I made at least 100.  This is a great project for kids to do or you can do it in front of the TV.rolled paper

I used a tape runner to attach double stick tape to the outside and inside edges of the record.  You could also use hot glue.  Place the paper rolls around the wreath, manipulating the paper rolls to fill in the spaces.  I used hot glue to attach a second row of paper rolls to help fill in the wreath.  Just keep attaching paper rolls until you’re satisfied with the fullness of the wreath.attaching

I grabbed a piece of repurposed ribbon  (I save the nice ribbon from gifts we receive and repurpose it) and an ornament that had been attached to the bow of a gift we received last year (I can’t help myself, I have to repurpose, I can’t just throw things away).  And ta da!Book Wreath

  The wreath is delicate and will have to be packed away carefully.  The fortunately it is easy to repair if any of the paper rolls fall off or are damaged.  You could also use magazine pages or calendar pages in place of the book pages. The only thing I purchased was the $.50 45 record.  The rest of the materials were all repurposed items I had around the house  thanks to the snow storm that kept me home and forced me to be creative.  (And let me share that I got a “That’s fabulous!” and a “That’s gorgeous!” from my 2 teen daughters.  And even a “I like that wreath, Mom” from my 11-year old son.  Can you see my self-satisfied smile?)

So next time you’re trapped at home by a snow storm, look around and see what items you can repurpose into a craft project.

 Here are the 2 nice ladies that strong-armed  encouraged me to create a Christmas wreath in just 3 days (and did I mention that included a 2 day snow storm?).

Cynthia from Feeding Big shares her Dollar Store Wreath

Dollar Tree Wreath 1


Corinne from Wondermom Wannabe shares the Fleece Wreath she made for less than $5.

fleece wreath



  1. says

    I just love this wreath and really want to make one. I keep seeing crafts with book pages and they are all so beautiful. I think the use of the 45 is a great idea! Thanks for sharing my Dollar Tree Wreath!

  2. Michelle H. says

    This is really pretty…I also like how you could change out the ribbon and the decorative accent for different holidays…Valentines…Easter….


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