Teacher Appreciation Gift Note Cubes

It’s that time of year to think about teacher appreciation gifts.  I like to have my children make the gift for their teacher.  That way I get some fun craft time with each child and the teacher gets a thoughtful one-of-a-kind gift.  We’ve made these note cubes for 3 children for teachers over 12 years in 6 different states.  The note cubes have always been a hit.  One teacher I ran into a year later told me she had the note cube and treasured it.  That’s a pretty good review for a teacher appreciation gift!    Teacher Appreciation Gift - Organized 31
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I usually order these note cubes from Oriental Trading Company.  One year I had them made at my local copy store, so you can check with yours and see if that’s a possibility.    You want the note cubes that  have glue on one side so the cube stays together as one piece.  If you prefer,  you could buy the loose paper cubes at your local office supply store and give it along with the plastic holder.
I have my child pick out (with some guidance) a cute stamp and saying to put on each side of the cube.  Just be sure that you help hold the cube firmly while your child stamps so the image comes out clear and crisp.   I’ve tried clamping and rubber banding the paper together so that my child could do the stamping more independently.  But I found that clamps and rubber bands just got in the way.
Teacher Appreciation Gift - Organized 31
Grab a cute pen from the dollar store or craft store and attach it with some coordinating ribbon. 
It’s a 15 minute project and it’s easy to crank out multiples for all the favorite teachers, like the art teacher, the music teacher, the reading teacher…… and so on.
Teacher Appreciation Gift - Organized 31
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To protect the note cube while it is transported in a child’s backpack, I put it in a brown lunch sack and attach a note card from my child with some ribbon.  Easy, peasy and always appreciated.


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    Adorable idea! I love the pun. I work in a school and I can honestly say teachers can never have too many note pads or sticky notes because they use them for everything.

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    This is a great idea for not only a teacher, but many other people as well. I can see this as being something a neighbor would enjoy too! I love gifts that are personalized and practical also.


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