Easy Repurposed Jar Vase

I’ve been saving glass jars since we moved into our current house a year ago.  We must eat way too many jarred foods because I’m being overrun by glass jars.  When my friend, J., came over for a day of crafting and chatting (the modern-day quilting bee equivalent), I knew we had to do a project using these glass jars.  Since all the spring flowers are just starting to bloom, we decide to make an easy repurposed jar vase to hold all those lovely flowers.  This is an easy project to make with kids (or by yourself) for Mother’s Day.Repurposed Jar Vase - Organized 31

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Start with your collection of recycled glass jars.  If you’re don’t have your own collection, knock on my door and ask to look through mine or drop by your local thrift shop and pick some glass jars up.Repurposed Jar Vase - Organized 31

  Now here comes the difficult part.  Use a punch to cut circles from craft vinyl.  If you have a steady hand, you could cut circles out with scissors.Repurposed Jar Vase - Organized 31

 Simply peel the backing off the vinyl and embellish your glass jars.  In just a couple of minutes  (the hardest part is peeling the backing off the vinyl), you have a sweet little flower vase.   Can you say, “instant gratification”?  Cut some pretty flowers from your yard, and you have a sweet gift for someone special.Repurposed Jar Vase - Organized 31

 Who do you know that would appreciate an Easy Repurposed Jar Vase? Remember that Mother’s Day is just around the corner.Repurposed Jar Vase - Organized 31 





  1. says

    Hi Susan – Oh wow, this is easy enough for me to do! I’m still a little scared of working with vinyl, so maybe this is the nudge to make something. What a fun idea and how pretty are the vases with flowers for Mother’s Day! Hugs, Holly

  2. Traci U says

    I have so many jars, vases & bottles that i collect because i’m gonna use them for crafts so i think i’m gonna decorate a couple of them like these.

    • susan says

      I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that collects jars to repurpose, Traci. This project is such an easy way to repurpose some of your jar and vase stash. Have fun!


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