Stenciled Glitter Decorated Plant Pot

Last month I made some fun office organizational containers using a new Mod Podge stencil.  My friend, J., was over crafting that day and we used the stencil to make a cute little decorated plant pot, too.  This is a quick and easy project that you could do with the kiddos and would make a sweet little gift.
Stencil Glitter Plant Pots - Organized 31

Grab yourself any sized terra cotta pot.  I found these tiny ones too cute to pass up.Stencil Glitter Plant Pots - Organized 31

Grab your Mod Podge stencil, Mod Podge and some glitter.  The stencil is slightly adhesive, so place it where you want and smooth it down well.  Add the Mod Podge and then the glitter.  Remove the stencil and wash it well because it is reusable (yea!).  Stencil Glitter Plant Pots - Organized 31

Look how cute it turned out and it only took about 5 minutes to make (of course, then you have to let it dry well).  It leaves plenty of time to talk with your crafting buddy, right, J.?Stencil Glitter Plant Pots - Organized 31

Imagine the possibilities! I am.  I can see another decorated plant pot in my future.  How about you?Stencil Glitter Plant Pots - Organized 31



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