13 Simple Folding Tips & Tricks

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I recently realized that I’m slightly obsessed with finding the best way to fold things around the house.  I’ve come to realize that finding just the right way to fold items make them easier to organize, which keeps my home and my life calmer and simpler.
Here, let me give you an example.  By folding tee-shirts following these 5 steps, you can neatly file them in your dresser drawer and fit many more shirts than by folding them the traditional way.  Really.  You’ll be surprised at  how many more shirts you can fit in your drawer and how much neater your drawer will stay.
Organized 31 - Simple Folding Tips & Tricks
Couch Potato Organizing Your T-shirts
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And more recently, I showed how I’ve started folding plastic shopping bags so that they stay neat and take up less space.
Folding Plastic Shopping Bags
My fascination with finding the best way to fold household items led to searching Hometalk.com for other great folding ideas.
Look at what I found!
a collage of several images showing how to fold a variety of household items with title text reading 13 Simple Folding Tips & Tricks
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 I found all kinds of Folding Tips and Tricks to help organize my home (and a couple of gorgeous decorating ideas that use folding tricks, too!)  You can click on the image above to learn how to best way to fold fitted sheets, or plastic bags or your fabric stash and much more.  Which tip is your favorite?
I’d love to hear about your Folding Tips & Tricks.  I’m on the hunt now to learn better ways to fold more items around my home.  What new tips can you share with us?

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  1. Hi Susan – Solidarity sister! I’m not a compulsive folder… but I am a compulsive roller. I roll EVERYTHING. Hugs, Holly @ coconutheadsurvivalguide

  2. Hi Susan, Thank you so much for featuring my paint tip! And thanks for hosting each week. You always have lots of great ideas here. Have a lovely week!

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