Busy Organizing Woman’s Snack – P3 Portable Protein Pack

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a P3 Portable protein snack next to a drink in a cupholder, next to a lady sitting in the car with title text reading Busy Woman's P3 Portable Protein Pack

Like most of you, I am one busy woman.  I am also one carb lovin’ woman.  I prefer carb-loaded snacks.  Of course, I love cakes and cookies, but I love a saltine cracker  or slice of bread just as much.  In an effort to eat better balanced and nutritious snacks,  I’ve been trying to substitute more protein snacks into my diet (and schedule) but I ‘ve had difficulty finding protein snacks that I really enjoy or that are convenient for my busy schedule.  Fortunately for me, I’ve just discovered the Oscar Mayer P3 Snack #PortableProtein.

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I don’t usually have any difficulty eating nutritious meals.  I try to make the time to sit down and eat a balanced meal for every meal. But where I run into trouble is with snacks.  With 3 children, an active duty husband with a busy schedule, a dog,  a leopard gecko and my own busy schedule, you can imagine that I am one busy running-everywhere woman.

a section in a grocery store with the P3 snacks shown in a circle

I want a portable easy-to-grab-and-go protein snack. When I learned about P3 Portable Protein Packs, I popped over to Walmart, in the middle of one of my errands, to pick some up. I found the P3 Snacks near the lunch meat.  There are four flavors; Applewood Smoked Turkey Breast, Applewood Smoked Ham, Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast and Slow Roasted Turkey Breast. Oscar Mayer P3 must be really popular because there were only 2 flavors left on the shelf in my store.  I decided that they looked so good that I grabbed 4 of each flavor and I’ll be going back soon to look for the other two flavors.

two P3 Portable Protein Packs on a brown table

Each P3 Snack contains a lean meat, cheese and nuts  #MeatCheeseNuts.  This is perfect for me since I’m looking to substitute more balanced protein snacks for my usual carb snacks.   Each of the P3 flavors that I purchased have 170 calories with 14 grams of protein and 4 or less grams of carbohydrates.  Now that’s a better-for-you snack that I can actually take with me to the many activities and commitments my family has.

a glass of water with a slice of lime next to a P3 portable protein snack on a brown table

The first time I tried P3 Portable Protein Pack, I was able to eat at home for my afternoon snack.  I was pleasantly surprised by how fresh it tasted and how filling it was.  It was a tasty and enjoyable snack.   I can see that I’ll have to stock more of these before my husband and 2 teen daughter discover them in our fridge.  I’m pleased that I’ve found a nutritious protein snack that I can enjoy each busy, busy day and one that will help me meet my goal of substituting more protein for my usual carb-filled snacks and actually fills me up so that I’m not craving another snack right away.

showing how you can use the P3 portable snack containers for Repurposed Office Organizing

 Oh, and you know me.  I took one look at those 3 compartment containers and knew they’d be perfect for organizing small office supplies in my kitchen desk drawer! (I know you’re not surprised that I went there.)

The containers would also work for organizing small craft items and hair accessories.   I can see using the containers to separate out sequins and beads for the next felt Christmas ornament kit I tackle.  I’m sure I’ll be noshing on a P3 Snack as I work on that kit sitting waiting for a child at one of the bazillion activities we do.  Keep an eye out for more organizing projects using this useful 3 compartment container.



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  1. Hi Susan – I love this idea! This is perfect for busy days on the go, and also as backup when you don’t have time to make or pack something. Love these and I can’t wait to look for them at the commissary this weekend. And of course, love the idea of repurposing too! Hugs, Holly

  2. We are kindred spirits, I looked at those containers and thought ‘organizer’! These look delicious and practical, it’s great to see how they help you stay fueled through all the chaos! #Client

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