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2 tote bags and a folder with text on one of the bags reading Just wait until I'm published
 Recently I had the opportunity to review any product I chose from Cafe Press.  I had hours of fun searching through the thousands and thousands of products they offer.  You can read about it.
I shared with you this week that I created a Writer’s Conference Tote for my youngest daughter and a Hula Competition Tote for my oldest daughter by crafting personalized items to go into each tote bag.
Since I knew that I wanted to create totes for my daughters to use in their activities, it was easy for me to choose to look for the tote bags from Cafe Press.  What wasn’t easy (in a good way) was to actually choose each tote bag because there were so many choices (I’m not complaining about having too many choices).  If you search Cafe Press for “hula bag” you will have over 3700 to choose from.  And if you search “writer bag” you will have over 25,000 to choose from.  Yep, 25,000!  So now you see why it wasn’t easy to actually choose a bag.
But after hours of “window shopping” we did choose 2 tote bags.
2 tote bags, the top one has an image of a lady hula dancing with text reading got hula?, the bottom one if covered by the other tote so the only text you can see says Just unt pub
Ordering from was easy and the order shipped the very next day.  It arrived within a week and that was with the standard shipping option.
I’m impressed with the quality of the bag.  It’s made from canvas sturdy enough to stand up on its own. 
a tote bag with a red image of a lady hula dancing and text reading got hula?
The stitching is uniform and of seemingly high quality. 
a closeup of the stitching on a tote bag
The size of the bag is quite large for a tote bag.  It measures  17 1/2 inches wide, 15 inches tall and the bottom is 6 inches wide. 
the botom of a tote bag
To give you a real world idea, it holds 4 large boxes of cereal with a little extra space. 
cereal in a tote bag with text on it reading Just wait until I'm published
To give you an honest product review, I have to find at least one thing “wrong” with the item since absolutely nothing is perfect.  The one thing I’d say about these tote bags is that I wish they were manufactured in the US.  In reviewing the Cafe Press website, I did find {this press release} that says they are creating almost 600 additional jobs at their facility in Kentucky, so they are making a commitment to American workers (which you know I support).
2 tote bags and a folder with text on one of the bags reading Just wait until I'm published
I scored major Mommy points by being able to give these fun and really well made tote bags to my daughters and adding the personalized crafted items I made.  Let me tell you, I’ll take as many Mommy points as I can get!
Hula Competition Tote Bag and 2 other floral fabric bags, one of them has a vase in it

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  1. Those are really fun! I’ve gotten personalize ornaments from Cafe Press before…you’re right, so many options to choose from!

  2. Yay for Mommy points! They don’t always come easy! Those are cute bags, I can’t believe they have so many options!

  3. “Just wait until I’m published”! I gotta get that! And really, can you ever have enough tote bags?

  4. I have never heard of Cafe Press before, but I will have to go and check it out! I love the bags from them and also the bags you made! I bet your girls were very happy and proud to carry them around!

    Thanks for sharing this great information!

    1. Cynthia, I’d heard of them but never looked at their products. I was stunned by the number of choices and very impressed with the quality (and I’m a tough grader!).

  5. I love the one about being published! Very cute! Did the girls really like them? I can’t believe that you found that many choices for hula dancing. I need to see what they have for swimming! :)~EmilyA Tossed Salad Life

    1. The girls love how unique each of their totes are (no else at school will have one like it). The hula choices did include some for hula hoop, but I was still stunned at how many different hula dancing choices there were.

  6. Very cute! I love both of them, but I *really* love the writer one. Adorable!

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