Fun with Decorated Cookies #AdventureTime

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I fondly remembering decorating cookies with my mom when I was young.  It’s a tradition I’ve passed on to my children.  Although, truth be told, I usually rope my mom into supervising the decorating and I can just flit in and out of the kitchen oohing and aahing over the beautiful decorated cookies.  This year, my kids had fun decorating cookies with an Adventure Time cartoon theme.
#AdventureTime frosted and decorated cookies with title text reading Adventure Time Cookies
I confess that I don’t know much about Adventure Time, but all 3 of my kids enjoy it.  My youngest daughter, S.,  took great care to recreate each of the characters.
We started had lots of traditionally decorated cookies (more on the one in the bottom right corner in a bit).
sugar cookies decorated for Christmas
Finn & Jake decorated sugar cookies
 S.  used the traditional gingerbread man cookie to make Finn and the baby gingerbread man cookie to make Jake. 
 The gingerbread girl cookie became Princess Bubblegum. 
#AdventureTime Princess Bubblegum frosted and decorated cookies
The same gingerbread cookie shape also became the Ice King. 
#AdventureTime Ice King frosted and decorated cookies
The star shaped cookie became Flame Princess. 
#AdventureTime Flame Princess frosted and decorated cookies
#AdventureTime Lumpy Space Princess frosted and decorated cookies

And the snowman shaped cookie was turned upside down to become Lumpy Space Princess.

So, while my daughter was so carefully frosting these cookies to represent her and her brother’s favorite characters, my son got impatient and decorated a bloody stabbed cookie.  (shaking my head).  What can you say about 11-year old boys?  
a cookie decorated to look like it has bloody special effects
 I think S. did an amazing job creatively frosting these cookies with just a butter knife and a toothpick.  And best of all…they taste as good as they look. 
#AdventureTime frosted and decorated cookies

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