DIY Fall Treats Anyone Can Make – Really

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I adore crafting small gifts for friends, but sometimes life gets in the way of my grand crafting ideas. These DIY fall treats are absolutely adorable and easy enough for anyone to make. Really. You don’t have to possess any crafting skills at all. The only thing you will need is 10 minutes and a glue gun. This fall craft is a great kids’ activity and still glamorous enough to share as party favors. 

a bunch of DIY acorn candy on white wood table

There are times when you need a classy party favor or small gift, but you just don’t have the time for elaborate crafts. These DIY fall treats are so charming that no one will realize how easy they were to make. 

DIY Fall Treats


Round gold foil wrapped candy – I used Ferrero Rocher.


Hot Glue Gun – Check out this cordless version that’s now on my wishlist. 

Acorn Caps – I collected mine on a sunny autumn walk with my son. 

blue scissors and 2 pieces of gold foil wrapped candy

The candy comes glued to the brown paper cup. I snipped the paper off as close to the glue dot as possible. Pulling the paper cup off tore the foil wrapper and left exposed candy, which I didn’t want since I was giving these as gifts

close up of acorns made from gold foil candy with acorn tops

A quick dab of hot glue in the top of the acorn cap and hold the acorn cap in place for a couple of seconds.

close up sideview of DIY candy acorns on white wood table

Voila! Aren’t these DIY fall treats just the cutest treats ever?!

DIY candy acorns in clear tray on white wood table

I stored them in the tray the candy came in until our party to protect them and make them easy to carry. 

These DIY Fall treats were such a hit that I made more for the Thanksgiving table. Won’t they look sweet (pun intended) scattered around the table for Thanksgiving?

multiple DIY gold foil candy acorns on white wood table

Trust me, these DIY Fall treats really are simple to make and add a sophisticated touch to your tablescape. I had to keep an eye on the kids though, because they kept trying to steal just one more before my guests arrived. 

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overhead view of brown product in glass jar

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overhead view of candy acorns on mini brownies

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  1. Susan, these are just the cutest things ever! I love an easy craft like this – it makes it even better that I can eat them later! I can just imagine how cute these will look on my Thanksgiving table! Off to purchase some candy and hope they don’t get eaten before Thanksgiving!

  2. These are adorable! I am planning on making these for my daughter’s 1st grade Halloween party. I am definitely craft-challenged, so I love easy crafts that I can actually do 🙂

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