Halloween Jack O’Lantern Dinner Pockets

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Originally published October 21, 2013 and updated August 2021.

Looking for something fun to serve for Halloween dinner? These Jack O’Lantern dinner pockets are the perfect answer for both a family dinner or a party.

My family enjoys Halloween and we have fun making Halloween themed foods.  This is one that is appreciated for being yummy and easy (in addition to looking a fun food!). My family asks for this dish all year round, that’s how good it is. It’s a great dish to take to a Halloween party or potluck.   

7 pumpkin and jack o'lantern dinner pockets on wood cutting board with title text overlay reading Jack O'Lantern Beef & Cheese Pockets

What do you serve on Halloween?

Look for foods that are easy to make since you’ll be busy getting ready to go trick or treating and also to hand out candy to trick or treaters.

Look for food that is easy to eat. Children will be eager to eat and get out to trick or treat.

Look for food that won’t be too heavy or spicy since most people will be eating a bunch of candy and junk food on Halloween night.

Look for food that is fun Halloween-themed foods.

If you’re looking for Halloween-themed food for a pot luck, balance main dish or salad choices with desserts. You want to fill excited little tummies with some real food, not just sugar since they’ll probably be eating a lot of candy later.

In addition to Halloween foods, find fun Halloween drinks to serve, like the ones below.

Halloween Dinner

My children are such big fans of these beef and cheese dinner pockets that we make them all year long (minus the Halloween faces.

 Halloween Jack O’Lantern Dinner Beef & Cheese Pockets


  • 1 pound of ground beef
  • 2 tubes of refrigerated biscuits
  • 8 ounces of mozzarella or provolone cheese
  • 1 tsp Italian seasoning
2  blue biscuit tubes, bag of ground beef and package of provolone cheese


Brown the meat. Stir in the Italian seasoning. Set aside.

Flatten half the biscuits out using your hands and place on a cookie sheet.

refrigerator biscuits on cookie sheet before cooked

Using a paring knife, decorate the other half of the biscuits.  Flatten each biscuit with your hands before you decorate it.  We make jack o’lantern faces, simple pumpkins and mummy faces.

Place a spoonful of ground beef on the flattened biscuit, add cheese and top with a decorated biscuit.  Pinch the edges of the 2 biscuits together to seal the filling in. Be sure to add plenty of filling without over filling the biscuits or they won’t stay closed during baking.

Bake at 350F for 10-15 minutes, until golden brown.

Halloween Jack O'Lantern Dinner Pockets

We like to dip them in mustard or ketchup.  You can add ghoulish ketchup garnish before serving for more fun.

These Halloween dinner pockets also reheat well in the microwave or toaster oven.

Halloween Foods

Whether it’s a Halloween themed food for a potluck or ideas for a special family Halloween dinner, these are my favorite Halloween foods (and they’re all easy to make).

Jack Skellington Edible Decorations – Easy-to-make Jack Skellington Halloween decorations that are edible. Celebrate The Nightmare Before Christmas with these treats and favors.

Skelleton face on marshmallows with candy corn and text overlay reading Jack Skellington Halloween Decorations that are edible
Collage of 5 eyeball food items with text overlay reading Eyeballs Easy Scary Halloween Recipes

Scary Halloween Food Recipes – Perfect for a party or for impressing family, friends and coworkers – Easy-to-make Scary Halloween Food Recipes featuring eyeballs.

Halloween Rice Krispie Treats Ideas – Halloween Rice Krispie Treats Ideas that look like wizard spell books are easy to make. Really! Make them to look like your favorite fantasy book or movie.

5 small spell book treats with text overlay reading Spell Books Rice Krispie Treats
dessert make to look like a graveyard with gummy worms with title text reading Halloween Graveyard Treat

Halloween Graveyard Treat -Make this fun Halloween Graveyard Treat in three easy steps. It combines pretty with Halloween creepy in a crowd-pleasing snack.

Halloween Eyeball Brownies – What is it about creepy Halloween food that makes it so much fun? And what is it about making food look like eyeballs that makes it even more fun? 

round brownies that look like eyeballs with title text reading Eyeball Brownies
candy that looks like creepy fingers on skull plate

Witch Fingers – What is it about Halloween that makes creepy food so much fun? These witch fingers take just minutes to make and are always a hit at parties.

Scary Eyes Cake – A fun cake to make with the kids. It always wows and you can choose the flavor cake and candies.

cake with candy make to look like scary eyes

Halloween Drinks

frothy orange drink in cup with black straw

Witches Brew Punch – Witches’ brew punch is a fun, frothy easy-to-make Halloween drink that you can make in an adult version and also in a non-alcoholic version.

Jolly Rancher Cocktail – Green apple jolly rancher cocktails are perfect for your summer gatherings, Halloween party and anytime you’d like a grownup but still fun cocktail. Also, includes a non-alcoholic version.

3 glasses with green liquid and green jolly rancher in cup
pitcher of red drink  labelled Strawberry Lemonade, with red cup on table outside

Best Strawberry Lemonade – This is the best strawberry lemonade ever. It’s quick and easy to make , can be prepped ahead of time and is perfect for large parties. Call it Dracula’s blood and you’ve got the perfect Halloween drink

Be sure to pin so you can find this fun spooky Halloween dinner idea year after year after year.

Find all my Halloween tutorials and ideas in the table below. Scroll to a recipe or tutorial you’d like to try, click on the card and then click on the link to be taken straight to the article.

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  2. I love these little guys! I think the mummy pockets are the best. Perhaps a raspberry jalapeno dip would be good with these?

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