Halloween Treats – Witch Fingers

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Halloween candy on white plate with skull image and black sign that says "witch fingers"

What is it about Halloween that makes creepy food so much fun?  Something about Halloween brings out my goofy, wacky side and I just love finding fun ways to serve Halloween treats.  Our current neighborhood has a Halloween block party and this year I’ll be bringing these super easy-to-make Witch Fingers treats.

I’ve enjoyed making fun Halloween food for my family for years. My husband has always been a big fan of Halloween and I had to join in when I saw how much fun he had with Halloween decorations and parties. My children have always been thrilled with Halloween themed food and with such an appreciative audience I have a grand time finding new fun Halloween food to make. These witch fingers are super easy to make and are so much fun to serve for Halloween.


Circus peanuts

Jelly beans (black, purple and green make the creepiest looking nails)

orange circus peanuts candy next to black, purple and green jelly beans

Knife and cutting board

orange circus peanuts candy with top but off and half of green jelly bean on top of one to look like an orange finger with a green nail all on wood cutting board with knife

 Carefully cut a notch at the end of the circus peanut where a finger nail would be.  Carefully slice a jelly bean in half.

a bunch of orange circus peanuts with green and purple jelly beans to look like witch fingers on white plate with candy corn scattered among.

Press the jelly bean into the circus peanut and they’ll stick together pretty well (don’t think about all the gooey sugar that is making that bond).

white plate with black skull image holding a pile of candy corn and 2 orange circus peanuts with purple jelly bean nails with more candy fingers in the background with green candy nails and black sign with white text saying "witch fingers"

 A plate full of these babies looks so perfectly fun on a Halloween party food table.

lines of orange circus peanut candy fingers with purple and green jelly bean nails on white background

 You can line them up in sets of five so they look like a witch’s hand.

Halloween candy on white plate with skull image and black sign that says "witch fingers"

These witch fingers Halloween treats never fail to amuse me and are always a hit at Halloween parties.  The big question is – do you like circus peanuts?

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  1. Oh My Gosh! I love these! Not only are they too cute, they are so easy to make. I am not a big fan of circus peanuts, but I would make these anyway because I know others at a party would eat them up! What a smart and fun idea, Susan.

    1. Thanks, Cynthia. I’m not a huge circus peanut fan either, but these are just so much fun at a party that I make them almost every year.

  2. HI Susan – I’ve been anxiously awaiting your Halloween ideas! I look forward to them every year! I’ve seen the creepy fingers before, but never like this. They look super easy to make. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Holly

    1. Well, Holly, you know I don’t do it if it’s complicated! These are super easy to make and look even better in person. Happy early Halloween.

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