More How to Organize Your Drawers to Make More Room

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I had a lot of positive feedback when I wrote Folding and Filing Clothes and Organizing Drawers to Make More Room.  But I also received some questions that I wanted to answer.  So here we go.  How to organize your drawers to make more room with supporting the clothes piles.
Folded t-shirts in drawer with box supporting them with title text reading How to Organize Drawers to Make More Room
You can see how I helped T. with a better way to fold t-shirts and organize them in the drawer to make more room.
overhead view of folded shirts filed in drawer
Readers asked me how to keep the shirts from falling over when you file them this way.  That question took me by surprise because we’ve been using this filing method with my son’s drawers for over a year.  He’s 11-years old and certainly doesn’t take any special care in handling his clothes or drawers.  In fact he’s responsible for putting his clothes away himself (I do fold the clothes).  After reading the question asking why the shirts don’t fall over, I went upstairs to check my son’s drawer.  This is what it looked like. 
overhead view of shirts and pants filed folded in drawer
 My first thought, was the problem was solved. If the tees stay in place for an 11-year old, then case closed.
But then the problem solver in me kicked in.  I thought, maybe there would be a problem with bigger and heavier tees falling over.  I talked to T. and he hadn’t had any problems.  So, of course, I had to conduct a test.  I opened and shut the drawer quickly.  It took 5 times of unnaturally opening and slamming the drawer before the first t-shirt fell over.  I can now scientificallyy confirm that this is not a big issue.  Plus, most people I’ve worked with don’t have much empty space in their drawers.  You fold and file to make more room, not make empty space in your drawers. 
t-shirts file folded in drawer
But for those of you who do have a problem with the nicely filed clothes falling over, here are some ideas to help.
Use an extra toiletries item to support the pile.  Just don’t use anything that could possibly leak. 
side view of t-shirts file folded in a drawer with a toothpaste box supporting the t-shirts
Use an empty tissue box.  You can weight it down with a belt or item you don’t use often if you find the empty box sliding around. 
overhead view of file folded t-shirts with tissue box supporting t-shirts
Use a small vase.  Most of us keep vases but seldom use them.  The vase will still be available when you do need it, but will be supporting your clothes the other 51 weeks of the year. 
side view of folded t-shirts with vase supporting pile
And my favorite idea for those of us that tend to shut off the alarm and fall back asleep.  Put your alarm clock in your drawer.  Clothes supported and a trick to get up on time. 
side view of t-shirts in drawer with alarm clock supporting the pile
Hope these ideas help.  What ideas do you have?

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  1. Love this post! I am also impressed with your scientific process to see if the shirts fell over! I would be embarrassed if you came over and looked in my dresser (or my closet) I am not nearly as organized as you are!

  2. Hi Susan – I don’t know what I love more… the perfectly organized t-shirts that even an 11 year-old boy can’t mess up… or the fact that you did such a great scientific experiment on this project. As convincing as you are though, I’m still a roller. I know it’s your life long dream to convert me! Hugs, Holly

  3. How odd, I think I always have problems with them falling if I fold them this way. Maybe my house is tilted!

  4. Very cool. I do have one question. Does your 11 year old usually pick the shirt from the back or front of the pile? My 14 year old’s drawers are always a mess because he is always pawing through to get at the exact shirt that he wants on that exact day. Does this hold up when you are always pulling from the middle of the stack?

    1. Wendy, filing the shirts should help because your son can see all the shirts and then pick the one he wants without having to “paw” 😉 through the stacks to find what he want to wear. If you pull from the middle of the pile, just slide the shirts behind forward and it’ll hold up fine. It works well for my son and for friends’ sons. Good luck and let me know if it works for you.

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  6. I’m just impressed your 11 year old keeps them folded WHILE putting them away! That’s wonderful. My kids just tend to stuff them into the drawers and make me wonder why I bother folding clothes at all.

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