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Organizing Box Tops with a Recycled Container

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cut out box top coupons organized in plastic container with green lid
overhead view of cut out box top coupons in box in desk drawer
recycled plastic container for cheese
plastic container with green lid, label makers, and rows of decorative washi tape
close up of green container lid with polka dot decorated tape
plastic container with cardboard divider added . two neat piles of cut out box top coupons
cut out box top coupons organized in plastic container with green lid
cut out box top coupons neatlh organized in plastic container with green lid

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  1. Yeah, the box tops really don’t want to stay in a neat pile, do they? I store them in a small zipper plastic storage bag.

  2. This is exactly how we collect our box tops but we use a recycled Hillshire Farm sliced turkey container. We keep it in one of our kitchen drawers.

  3. Great idea to reuse a food container for the box tops. We collect box tops for my sons school to help out. They don’t do the labels for education though.

    1. Thanks, David. I hate to throw anything out that can be reused. You might suggest that your school collect Labels for Education, too. It doesn’t cost anything extra for the parents and the school can receive equipment and supplies. I think most schools and parents appreciate anything extra, especially for no additional cost.

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  5. I completely agree with you about the feeling when throwing away box tops! You container is really practical and easy to add some more but to a certain point, xi xi! Greetings!

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