Organizing My Fridge with Binz – Made in America

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Walking through Costco for me is like a gambling addict walking through a casino.  My knuckles are white and my jaw is clenched.  I walk with my head down, trying not to look at any items not on my list.  I make a beeline to the items on my list, one after another without looking up so as not to be tempted by all those thousands of other items calling my name.

binz brand box of organizing clear acrylic bins


Last week I broke my focus, I looked up at one of the end cap displays.  This time I’m thrilled that I did give into the siren’s call and actually looked at the item.

It had me at the name “binz.”  A humble name, “binz,” not a pretentious “Bins” or “Binz,” but a humble and attractive “binz.”

box of binz brand collection of organizing bins with black arrow pointing to American flag on the box

Then as “binz” continued calling my name and I looked closer, it was a match made in heaven when I saw this  


freezer shelves with black arrow pointing to clear organizing container
interior shelves of refrigerator with black arrows pointing to clear organizing bins

That was it, I took my very own box of binz home with me that day. 

There were 4 bins; 2 larger and 2 narrower. I put 3 in the refrigerator and 1 in the freezer.                                                                               

I’m lo-oving these bins named binz.  They’re made of sturdy plastic so they can hold a heavy load of food in the fridge or freezer.  I really like that they’re clear so I can easily see what’s in them.  I tend to go light on putting labels on bins because sometimes it just adds more visual clutter.  With these clear bins, no label is needed. 
I used my new binz bins to replace the repurposed lids I had been using to organize the fridge
collage of 3 images of plastic packaging used to organize a refrigerator

As I explained in my {post}, I had been holding off on buying bins because I never know if the bins will work in the “new” fridge after our next move.  I feel good having bought these bins since they’re well made and functional, Made in the USA and if they don’t fit in our next refrigerator, I can use them in the linen closet or in a dresser.   Yea binz!

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