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  • images of 3 babysitter checklists in purple and rainbow colors

    Babysitter Checklists – Set of 3 Editable & Printable


    It’s important to provide your babysitter with critical information to keep your children and the babysitter safe and give you peace of mind. Use these 3 printable Babysitter Information Sheets to help you share all the necessary information. With these editable checklists, you can type in your own information and then print the forms out. You are able to update or change the information as often as you’d like. 

    Contains editable versions of:

    • Babysitter Information Sheet
    • Favorite Activities Sheet
    • Food Choices Sheet
  • images of 3 budgeting and allowance worksheets with text overlay

    Budgeting Allowance Worksheet – Editable


    Use this editable budgeting allowance worksheet to calculate a reasonable monthly allowance for tweens & teens to teach budgeting skills to children. Three pages allow you to enter your own budget for 6 categories, 47 individual items and 20 fill-in-your-own item lines. The worksheet will calculate totals and the monthly allowance amount for you based on the individual items you fill in.  

  • images of three activity worksheets for to keep children from being bored

    I’m Bored Activity Sheets – Set of 3


    These three seasonal I’m Bored Activity Sheets will provide a six different activities in a mix of physical, artistic, social, and intellectual activities for children 12 and younger. 

    This set includes:

    • I’m Bored Activity Sheet
    • I’m Bored Snow Day Activity Sheet
    • I’m Bored Summer Activity Sheet
  • colorful images of kids lunchbox notes

    Lunch Box Notes Bundle


    More than 100 different lunch box notes for kids and tweens. You can download and print them out immediately. With such a large variety of notes, including ones specifically designed for 5 major holidays, this is the only kids’ lunchbox notes bundle you’ll ever need.

  • Organize My Home Chore Cards


    Printable chore cards in three different styles:

    • Classic Black and Grey
    • Contemporary Brightly Colored with images
    • Blank Brightly Colored

    Use the already completed cards and add your own chores or choose the blanks cards and create the exact chore list card you need.

  • stack of 17 children allowance and budget planning worksheets

    Teaching Children About Money Worksheet Pack


    Be purposeful in teaching children about money and financial responsibility with these 14 worksheets for children aged elementary school through college.
    This printable 16-page pack includes 14 worksheets for you to use in teaching budgeting and financial responsibility to children of all ages.