Road Trip Snack Packing

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Road Trip Snack List

Last month, my daughter and I drove to Florida for her to attend the 2013 Ho’ike Hawai’i hula competition {read more here}.  It was a long drive (mainly because I hate riding in the car for any length of time).

 With 20+ moves under my belt, I’ve had plenty of experience with road trips.  One thing that I have learned is the importance of packing snacks for your road trip.
snacks, water and paper towels in  purple and blue tote bags
Any time we travel I always pack two bags of snacks (minimum).  One bag contains munchies snacks and the other contains drinks and cold snacks.
I pack snacks and drinks to save money, so that we eat healthier on the road and so that we don’t have to stop as often to purchase something to eat or drink.Organized 31 - Road Trip Snack Checklist

I choose snacks that are easy to eat in the car.  I look for snacks that are not sticky and won’t melt in the heat (or smudge all over my car).  I look for snacks that are not too crumbly or too easy to drop under the seat (no trail mix or small candies).   I choose snacks that are filling but that are easy to store and pass around in the car.

Some of my favorite snack choices are:

  • granola bars (the slightly sticky ones, not the super crumbly ones and definitely not candy coated)
  • crackers
  • healthy chips or pretzels
  • dried fruit ( bigger sized like dried apricots, no raisins, they’ll just end up all under the seats)
  • fruit slices (bagged and kept in the cooler bag)
  • sliced cheese or cheese sticks
  • peanut butter crackers (I like to make my own)

I select drinks that are clear (or light in color) in case they are spilled in the car and on my travelers to minimize stains (because we all know those spills will happen).  I also avoid sodas or juices since they can be irritating to the bladder (and we all know what that means!).  I do carry one caffeinated drink for that time when you really need a little pick me up while driving.

veggie tortilla chips

I had the opportunity to try Green Giant Veggie Chips so I decided to take them with us in our snack bag since they fit the bill of not being messing and being a healthier snack than I would buy along the way.

chips in a purple tote bag in a car

For our hula competition road trip, I packed my snack and drink bags as always.   And we packed them in the back seat of the car so that the passenger could easily reach them.

 We took both the Roasted Veggie Garden Ranch Tortilla Chips and the Multigrain Sweet Potato Barbecue Chips.  Yum and yum! They were perfect for our road trip snacking.  They’re really tasty, easy to eat in the car and not too messy.
a teen eating a chip from a bag of chips while sitting in a car holding a cell phone

Even my teen-aged daughter thought the Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips were delicious.  (And lets be honest, anything called “veggie” is not usually a teen choice).  The Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips were such a hit with us on our trip that I immediately got some to share with the rest of my family when we got back home.  We each have our favorite flavors, but we all agree that they’re the perfect road trip snack.

Guess what we’ll be taking with us next month on our next road trip? 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. I love packing for a road trip! We always start to eat the snacks about 30 minutes down the road! The veggies chips look really good. I think the sweet potato would be my favorite!

  2. I’ve never tried the Giant Veggie Snack Chips, but they sound great. I’m also a snack packer for road trips, but for my kids all snacks become messy. Ha!

  3. I totally wish I had seen this yesterday before we left on our road trip from Northern VA to Myrtle Beach, SC! Great ideas. Oh, and my kids adore those chips.

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