Looking for activities that will make you happy and the kids will love?

80 pages of scavenger hunt games for inside, for outside, for holidays and more!

collage of brightly colored scavenger hunt game boards

No more wondering what to do to keep the kids active and happy.

How many times have you searched for the perfect party activity?

Or a rainy day activity for restless kids?

Or an activity to entice the kids to enjoy playing outside?

Scavenger hunts are perfect for children ages 4 and up through teens. 

The games can be played with just 2 players or with as many as you'd like.

These 20 scavenger hunt games cover a wide range of themes:

  • Amusement Park
  • Beach
  • Dr. Seuss Books
  • Fall Nature Hunt
  • First Day of School
  • Football Game
  • Indoor Hunt
  • License Plate
  • Mall
  • Road Trip
  • Summer Nature Hunt
  • 4th of July
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • Halloween Costumes
  • New Year’s Eve
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Valentine’s Day

All scavenger hunt games contain at least 3 different game boards, with most containing 4 or more.

You can print these games boards as many times as you'd like.

Available now for just $6.99

for 20 games and 80 pages that you can use again and again and again!

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