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  • 8 images of refrigerator labels and text overlay

    Refrigerator Labels


    Organize your refrigerator with these printable refrigerator labels.

    Get this downloadable pdf immediately so you can start labeling and organizing your fridge right now. The set includes directions on how to print the labels.


    30 pages with 5 different styles:

    • Simple Font
    • Cursive 
    • Cursive in Box
    • Typewriter Style Font
    • Simple Font in Oval Outline

    in 3 colors and one color combination:

    • Black
    • Turquoise
    • Red
    • Red & Turquoise Combination
  • Stack of 4 printable sheets with rainbow colors for to do lists

    Running To Do List Set


    When your calendar or planner needs assistance in managing your many To Dos, the Running To Do List 4-page set will keep track of and help you complete all your tasks. No more lost slips of paper with your To Do List on them. No more trying to cram your entire To Do List onto your calendar or planner.

    This 4-page set contains:

    • Brain Dump page
    • Running To Do List page
    • Bite-Sized Tasks page
    • Notes Page
  • collage of decluttering checklist pages in blue and red

    Simple Decluttering Checklists


    Created by a professional organizer to help you work through the decluttering and organizing process on your own with the guidance and support you need. These checklists and tips work for any area in your home.

    You can print out your checklists and supporting worksheets now and get started immediately.

    This organizing resource contains:

    • 4 checklists
      • Preparing to Declutter
      • Decluttering Steps
      • Questions to Ask Yourself
      • Emotional Item Questions
    • 17 resources pages
      • Planning Worksheet
      • Gathering Supplies Tips
      • Take Everything Out Tips
      • Group Like Items Tips
      • Evaluate Guidelines
      • Declutter & Remove Tips
      • Put Items Away & Organize Tips, 4 pages
      • Tips to Stay Motivated
      • 6 Decluttering Signs
  • ebook cover with screen image of embeddable blog tool

    Simplify Blogging Printables Library


    Would you like to build your email list by providing access to your printables? 

    Are you frustrated with reformatting your printables library page and fighting with resizing images and blocks again and again so the page looks pretty?

    Are you tired of creating a sign up form in your email service provide for each new printable you create?

    This Printables Library template using the power of AirTable (which you can use with a free membership) is the simple and powerful solution you’ve been looking for. 

  • red and blue cover of ebook Simplify Blogging - Related Posts Table

    Simplify Blogging Related Posts Table


    Are you looking to drive more traffic to your site and create raving fans out of your one-time visitors? 

    I created this versatile and easy-to-use Related Posts Table template for use on my own site because I was frustrated with the plugins and other options available.  You can join AirTable for free and take advantage of the power of this proven template.

    Read more to see it in action.

  • stack of 17 children allowance and budget planning worksheets

    Teaching Children About Money Worksheet Pack


    Be purposeful in teaching children about money and financial responsibility with these 14 worksheets for children aged elementary school through college.
    This printable 16-page pack includes 14 worksheets for you to use in teaching budgeting and financial responsibility to children of all ages.

  • images of 4 green. blue and red checklists for travel preparation

    Travel Checklist Pack


    Travel checklist pack of 3 checklists and 1 sheet of 25 must-have travel items. You’ll never forget to pack an item again nor will you forget any of those necessary tasks to prepare for a trip. Works great for business or vacation trips. 

  • Virtual Organizing Package 2-Hours Minimum


    I would love to work one-on-one with you to address your decluttering and organizing project. Thanks to the magic of technology, we can work together virtually via email and video chat. Working together we will create an organized and efficient space that works best for your unique needs and space. Email with your questions before purchasing at .