Need some help decluttering and organizing your home?

21 pages of simple checklists, detailed explanations and resources created by a professional organizer!

Wish you could work with a professional organizer?

Are you swamped with stuff and just don't know where to start?

Do you have a smaller project, but just can't figure out where to begin?

Have you tried decluttering and organizing on your own and simply became overwhelmed?

This decluttering and organizing ebook  is created by a professional organizer and is packed with practical, actionable steps and resources.

These 21 checklists and resources include:

  • 4 Easy-to-Follow Checklists
    • Preparing to Declutter
    • Decluttering Steps
    • Questions to Ask Yourself 
      • To decide if you should keep an item
    • Emotional Item Questions
      • To help you make logical decisions for items that have emotional meaning to you
  • Resources
    • Planning to Declutter Worksheet
    • Gathering Supplies Tips
    • Tips on How to Take Everything Out
    • Tips to Group Like Items Together
    • Evaluating Items Guidelines
    • Decluttering and Removal Tips
    • 4 pages of Tips to Organize and Put Items Away
    • Tips to Stay Motivated
    • 6 Decluttering Signs

Declutter and organize with confidence and on your own schedule with these Simple Decluttering Checklists.

You can print these checklists and resources as many times as you'd like.

Available now for just $6.99

for 21 pages of checklists and resources that are the next best thing to having a professional organizer helping you organize!

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