Simple Girl Simple Solution – Organizing Embroidery Floss

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My mom came to visit last year and asked if she could help me with anything.  So being the thoughtful daughter that I am, I immediately put her to work on a task I’d been wanting to tackle for years.  Thanks, Mom!
I was so excited to get my mom started before she changed her mind that I forgot to take a before picture.  Let me just set the stage.  I have enough embroidery floss to be a pain but not enough to justify a fancy floss organizer.  I had been storing them all wadded up in a plastic bag.  Ugh.
embroidery floss organized in a plastic container
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We cut index cards into a size that would fit neatly into an extra plastic container I already had.
red embroidery floss wrapped around a card on a brown table
We cut a slit in the side of each card to hold the tail of the thread. We wrapped the floss around the card with a separate card for each different shade of floss.
The cards where organized in the container in ROY G. BIV order (of course).
embroidery floss organized in a plastic container
We used the cards to organize the smaller pieces of floss.  The larger pieces of floss were stacked on the right side of the container.  This way it’s easy to sort through the cards looking for a small piece that I might need for a small project (like the Felt Book Hugger Bookmarks {here} and {here}) by just flipping through the cards like you flip through file folders.
I store the small floss organizer card that I use for projects and a pack of needles on the top.
embroidery floss and needles organized in a plastic container
No more plastic bag of tangled embroidery floss.  My little organized box makes me smile.  Thanks, Mom!
If you have a lot of thread you need organized too, check out these Clever Thread Storage Ideas.

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  1. You and your mom did a good job…know it is a lot easier for you to find the right color now. :)Over from Eliz and Co

  2. So cute! I love organizing little things like this that seem to leave a big impact.Thanks for linking up!Mary

  3. How clever! That is so much more affordable than the plastic string holders at the store! 🙂


  4. I love that you used your mom to help you out! I know when my mom visits, I always find crazy little jobs for her. I know it makes her happy and it is one less thing for me to worry about!Love this idea!I am featuring this at the Top 10 Favorites of the In and Out of the Kitchen Link party #19! It will go live on Monday morning!Thanks for linking up! Cynthia

  5. Did you see this, Cynthia?!!You’ll love this…. I guess this mom/daughter team are of a different age, but the idea is identical! Smile. Thanks so much for linking up! ~ Rose

  6. Thank you for linking up to Say G’Day Saturday. Your Mom sounds like a great lady-aren’t we blessed to have such wonderful women in our lives!

    This weekend’s party has just started so I hope you can join in again!

    Best wishes for a great weekend,
    Natasha in Oz

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