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2 neatly organized kitchen pantry shelves with labeled bins and containers with title text reading Pantry Organization Made in the USA
When I was offered the chance to try Kidecals decals I told you about how excited I was to use the decals to organize my new kitchen {here}.  One of the main reasons I was so excited about Kidecals labels is that they are Made in the USA. I try to purchase American made items, and particularly organizing items, whenever I can.  So being able to fulfill 2 of my passions, organizing and supporting Made in the USA products, in one product was exciting for me. 
As I spent time dreaming through the Kidecals website and all the decal options, my original organizing plans changed a bit.  Instead of labeling my baking cabinet with theKidecal Pantry Labels, I decided to order the Chalkboard Labels.  Kidecal has 5 different styles (shapes) of chalkboard labels and I chose the Plaque Chalkboard Labels. 
sheet of black chalk board labels in several sizes
I love the idea of chalkboard labels but I’ve never gotten them for my kitchen because I didn’t want to have to worry about special washing and handling of those labels.  In a busy house of 5, I don’t have time to pamper my organizing labels.  I was thrilled to read on the Kidecals website that “These labels work great with chalkboard and chalk ink, and will stay on…even through the dishwasher.”  I admit I was skeptical.  Hopeful, but skeptical.
I wanted chalkboard labels to use in my pantry.   The middle shelf holds our snacks. I prefer to keep my crackers and snacks in sealed containers (growing up in a tropical climate will do that to you).  My family was uncooperative about using the sealed containers because they said they couldn’t tell what snack was in the container. I gave up on endless logical discussions (on my part) about how to tell snacks apart and decided to label the containers.  But because our snacks are always changing, need flexible labels that will allow me to change the name without changing out the label every time. 
messy kitchen pantry shelves and text overlay saying before
I placed my order, hopeful that Kidecals would live up to their promise of chalkboard labels that would survive the dishwasher.  The order came in about 5 days (oh, and shipping was free!). 
mailing envelope white with bright colors on table
I opened the package and found my beautiful chalkboard labels (the other labels are for other projects I’ll share with you soon.) 
sheet of green striped labels and black chalkboard labels on white table
The day that the labels arrived, I grabbed my favorite storage containers (that are made in the USA, too, you can read about them {here} ) and got to work. 
black chalkboard label on fron tof rectangular food storage box
The labels are nice and thick and sturdy.  You don’t have to worry about delicate handling with these labels.  They come in two sizes and in less than 5 minutes I had all my containers labels and back in my pantry.  I even labeled a couple of extra containers for those snacks that I know will be opened by some hungry person in the future.  And even then I have a couple of extra labels for future containers. 
rectangular food storage containers with black chalkboard labels on pantry shelf
2 stacks of plastic rectangular food storage containers with black chalkboard lables
Aren’t they beautiful?!  And let my skeptical self tell you that I immediately ran one of the labeled containers through the dishwasher.  Guess what?!  The label came through beautifully.  These chalkboard labels really are dishwasher safe.  I am one happy mama, let me tell you!  
I wrote in my own messy handwriting because I’ve always loved seeing my mother’s handwriting and hope my children feel the same way. It’s a simple personalized touch.
The kids and husband are keeping up with using the containers.  The kids are having fun labeling the containers.  I found an empty one labeled with CO2 and O2 (ha ha kiddos,  the empty container was filled with air) and one labeled with my son’s name (I don’t know if he labeled it to mark it as his or if his sisters plan on stuffing him into it some day.  I’m almost afraid to ask.)
Let me show you the before and after one more time. 
before and after of organized pantry shelves
I am so happy with the newly organized snack shelf in my pantry and it’s stayed organized for a week, so far (an accomplishment with a husband, a 17-year old, a 15-year old and an 11-year old all using it).  The chalkboard labels are perfect for labeling the ever-changing snack containers because they allow the labels to be flexible and meet my changing needs.
 At Organized 31, I try to give you 3 ups and 1 down when I review a product (I figure that to be honest,  no product is truly perfect).
The 3 ups for Kidecals are:
1 – Free shipping and the labels came quickly.
2- The labels are well-made and sturdy and come in 5 different styles.
3 – The chalkboard labels really did make it through the dishwasher and still look like new.
The 1 down is:
1 – The website has some occasional glitches that Kidecals are working on correcting.  But don’t let that deter you.  These chalkboard labels are worth a few extra minutes on the website, for sure.

I’ll be ordering more of these “crazy durable” chalkboard labels to use in the rest of my kitchen.  Head on over yourself and spend all afternoon looking at the beautiful and durable (which I can attest to) labels they have Kidecals.  And remember, that these beautiful labels are Made in the USA!

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  1. I label everything. Love the look of these. I can’t believe they hold up in the dishwasher–that’s impressive.

  2. These look fantastic! I have to say that we shove stuff in the pantry and then it eventually gets thrown away. I need to be better organized. I love the look of these and also that they are sturdy. I can’t wait to see what you do with the other labels!

  3. I am crazy when it comes to organizing!!!! Those labels look great šŸ™‚
    I linked up by you at Practically Functional!

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