Upcycled Sweater to Stylish Organizing Bin

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 Upcycled Sweater Shoe Box Organizing Bin

As the weather warmed up I went through my winter clothes to see what items needed to be purged.  This has been one of my favorite sweaters.  My husband gave it to me 7 or 8 years ago and I loved the bright cheerful colors in the winter.  But it has seen better days. I just couldn’t part with it so I had to think up a great upcycling project.  Since I love to organize (go figure, right), I thought I’d cover an old shoe box and make an organizing bin.

sweater & a box
I slipped the box into the body of the sweater and repositioned the sweater until I liked the stripes that were showing.
showing how to cover a box with a sweater
I cut the rest of the sweater away.  It was easy to cut along a stripe.
showing how to cover a box with a sweater and where to cut the sweater
I used glue dots to adhere the sweater to the inside of the shoe box.  Be sure to put the finished edge (the bottom) of the sweater inside the box so that it won’t fray.
showing how to cover a box with a sweater
Once you have the finished edge of the sweater adhered to the inside of the box, flip it over .
showing how to cover a box with a sweater
 I just folded the edges of the sweater and used packing tape to cover all the cut edges of the sweater.  The packing tape keeps the cut edge from fraying and keeps the sweater from slipping around.
showing how to cover a box with a sweater and where to tape the sweater on the bottom of the box
Upcycled Sweater Organizing Box
 Ta Da!  How pretty and how easy.
 I’m loving this quick, easy upcycle project.  Be watching for more soon.
pencil, stamps, notepad, envelope, and file folder in an Upcycled Sweater Organizing Box

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  1. Yayyy I just love this kind of crafty projects! so much fun and totally transforms the look! Nice tip! It would be awesome if you shared this in my Link Party, it is up now!Pinned!Hope you have a lovely weekHugsCami

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