Why You Should Try the Dolphin Mobile Browser App

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As the mom of three with an active duty husband and my own business, I’m one busy woman (just like most of us are!). Anything that can make my life just a bit easier is invaluable to me. Any app or gadget that can save me time and frustration is just as invaluable. I’ve recently discovered the Dolphin Browser app, available on Android and iOS. Let me tell you about what I’ve found and why you should try the Dolphin Mobile Browser App.Why You Should Try the Dolphin Mobile Browser App – Dolphin Mobile Browser is a fast, smart, free app that works on your Android phone. #DolphinBrowser #IC [ad]

This is a particularly busy month for me. I have four different families coming from out-of-state to stay with us and visit. That makes me very happy, but it takes quite some planning to make it all happen. My second “baby” is graduating from high school this month. We’re throwing her a graduation party at home, so that takes a whole bunch of planning. I’m excited about everything planned for this month, but I’m so very busy that every minute is precious to me. 

I confess that I am not a gadget girl. I am just too busy and learning new things gets pushed to the bottom of my To Do list. So knowing that about me, when I tell you that the Dolphin Browser app is easy to use, you can believe me. It took me seconds to figure out once I installed it on my phone. It’s intuitive to use. Honestly. You can download the Dolphin Browser App from the Dolphin page on Google Play so you can try it out yourself. Why You Should Try the Dolphin Mobile Browser App – Dolphin Mobile Browser is a fast, smart, free app that works on your Android phone. #DolphinBrowser #IC [ad]

On the Dolphin Browser home screen, you can find your own personal Speed Dial Shortcuts, which gives you quick access to your favorite sites. You simply tap the + button to add your choice from hundreds of apps or you can add a specific URL.  You can train the Dolphin Browser to adapt to how you use your browser. Tapping the Dolphin icon at the bottom of the home screen lets you add bookmarks, share content, change themes, access all the Dolphin settings and more. 

I like how fast the Dolphin Browser is. No more waiting in frustration while the browser loads (or whatever it’s doing when it takes so long).  As a busy mom, every second of frustration saved means I get a second of happy productivity 


Gestures – Create customized gestures so you can just swipe and go. 

Sonar – Smart voice search allows you to ask and receive. 

Flash Support – Available for Android users, you can view Flash content so you don’t have to switch to Youtube to view video content. 

Tabbed Browsers – You can open multiple tabs so you can browse all in one spot. 

Social & Storage – Sync your social media accounts, Evernote, Box and more so that you can share right from your Dolphin Browser. 

Add-Ons – You’re able to tailor your Dolphin Browser to your unique needs with third-party add-ons. 

Side Bars – You can quickly access your bookmarks and other options with a simple swipe. 

Dolphin Connect – You can stay connected by syncing your data across multiple compatible devices. 

You can access the left side bar of the Dolphin Browser by tapping on the star icon, located in the top left, or by swiping in from the left side of the screen. When you’re in the left side bar, you can sign into Dolphin Connect where you can sync bookmarks and history, manage bookmarks and view or clear the browser history.

The right side bar can be accessed by tapping the puzzle icon located in the upper right or by swiping in from the right side of the screen. In the right side bar you can change the mode through the Control Panel with options like full screen, tabbed browsing, night mode, desktop mode, incognito mode and no images. 

It’s hard to believe that you can get such a fast, smart and easy-to-use mobile browser app for free. But you can simply by checking it out the Dolphin Browser App from the Dolphin page on Google Play.Why You Should Try the Dolphin Mobile Browser App – Dolphin Mobile Browser is a fast, smart, free app that works on your Android phone. #DolphinBrowser #IC [ad]

You’re able to access the weather right under the search bar. I found this invaluable in the hours and hundreds of weather checks leading up to my daughter’s graduation party as thunderstorms were forecasted  and threatening. 

With all the different out-of-state families coming to stay with us and the high school graduation party to plan and pull off, I’ve been on my phone non-stop lately. Being able to use the Dolphin Browser to make my tasks quicker has saved me precious time and lots of frustration. That meant I could enjoy the party, the guests and my baby’s graduation milestone. Big mom smile. Why You Should Try the Dolphin Mobile Browser App – Dolphin Mobile Browser is a fast, smart, free app that works on your Android phone. #DolphinBrowser #IC [ad]


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  1. Wow – I’ll have to look into this. I have to admit I’m terribly disorganized! Anything that will help me get myself together will be wonderful. Congrats on the graduation…what an exciting thing to celebrate!!!

  2. Your to do list looks like mine – never ending. So glad you could find an app that really helps you to keep it together.

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