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 A couple of weeks ago my Baby Girl went to her first high school conference.  It was a big deal for me to let her go, but it was such a great opportunity for her.  She’s a wonderful writer and going to a state-wide writing conference was the perfect first conference for her.
One thing we realized as she was packing was that she really needed a tote bag to carry her necessary items around the conference meetings.  Unfortunately we were packing late on Thursday night in preparation for her departure right after school on Friday so there wasn’t time to do much about it.  Buu-uut, of course as soon as I identified that need I got right on solving it.
The first thing that Baby Girl needed was a pencil pouch.  While we were packing, we realized she need a way to carry a couple of pens and pencils to the meetings and have them readily available (no digging around in the bottom of the tote bag).
fabric pencil pouch with outside covered in black letters and inside with blue polka dots.
I had made a pouch a couple of months ago {here} using a great beginners tutorial from Noodlehead {here}. This time I did not box the corners because I wanted a flat pencil pouch, but the tutorial worked perfectly for me (just minus the boxing-the-corners step).
And even though the corners are not boxed, it has enough body to it with the lining, that it is possible for it to stand up on its own.
Next I knew that Baby Girl would need a folder to keep track of paperwork and schedules from the conference.  You know how much paper you always get when you go to a conference.  I could have just thrown a folder  even a cute folder  into her tote.  But not me, no.  I had to turn it into a craft.  Luckily, I’d already made a decorated folder {here} so I knew how quick and easy it would be.
I took a top-load folder that I already had, some cute newspaper print wrapping paper that I’d picked up last winter and some double stick tape.
In less than 5 minutes, I had a the perfect folder to send with Baby Girl to her next writing conference.
Coincidentally, last week I learned that CVS has ended their bag tag program.  So here I had this tag that I couldn’t just throw away (it just had to be repurposed).  Fortunately, the same day a friend gave me Post-It Note tape.  With the removable tape I had another quick and easy project – a name tag for Baby Girl’s tote. Yea!
Because the tag was curved, I snipped the edges of the tape so that they’d fit the curved edge better.
Each new strip of tape was snipped and wrapped to fit the curved edges of the tag.
 A quick label made with my label maker, and voila! – a name tag for Baby Girl’s tote bag.
Now my baby is all ready to go to her next writing conference, plus I had fun showing my love through crafting.  And on top of that, I found the perfect tote bag for her to carry everything in.  Be sure to come back and I’ll tell you all about it on Friday.


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  1. Another great idea. I love the newsprint folder. Hadn’t seen a top-load folder before. Neat! Thanks for sharing at Funday Monday. Sylvia

  2. All of these items are so neat. I love anything wordy or related to writing and letters. The fabrics in the pencil bag are perfect.

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