How to Set Up Kitchen Organization


Learn 12 strategies to best set up your unique kitchen so it works efficiently for you. Susan is a professional organizer that has moved more than 25 times herself. She has set up kitchens of all sizes and layouts all around the word for herself and for professional organizing clients. This 43-page ebook provides detailed tips to make these strategies work for any kitchen layout. In addition to the tips, six sample kitchen layouts and suggested item placement are included along with 4 worksheets to plan your own kitchen’s ideal organizing layout.



Download and print this 47-page resource to organize your unique combination of kitchen layout, equipment and supplies so that it will work best for you. Easy to follow tips that help you set up your kitchen according to organizing principles used by professional organizers. 

Twelve kitchen organizing strategies are shared as the foundation of making your kitchen the efficient and calm heart of the home that you’ve dreamed of. These 12 strategies can be adapted to any kitchen style, layout or size. The purpose of each strategy is explained and then the application of the strategies is clarified with 18 pages of detailed tips. 

collage of pages of ebook including kitchen images

Six case studies are provided to illustrate the principles of kitchen organization with images of different kitchens and suggested item placements. 

Four pages of tools to help you plan and layout your specific kitchen organization makes it easy for you to apply the 12 kitchen organization strategies to your own space.



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  1. Sarah (verified owner)

    1438-7198-9893-8068 receipt no. – have not received Kitchen Organization file – what should I do

    • Susan

      I emailed it to you, Sarah. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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