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When your life, time and belongings are organized it reduces the chaos and stress so that you have the time and energy to focus on whatever is most important to you. My favorite organized life resources work for my busy family and life, so I’m happy to share them with you.

If you click on any of the links below, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. I include special just for you discount codes whenever I can. And for some of the services listed below, my link may actually gives you a free trial period or a discount. Know that these are products and services that I use myself.

You can scroll through the table and click on a product for more information, the link and discount codes. If you’d rather read about the products on this page, simply scroll past the table and read post below.

An Organized Life

Organized Time

Clever Fox Planner – My readers received 10% off with Clever Fox Planner Discount Code ORGANIZED3110OFF 

The Clever Fox Planner is the best of a bullet journal and planner combined. I carry mine in my purse and really love it. 

A Year of Decluttering Motivation – This my own book. You can purchase it from Amazon or any ebook reader. You can also purchase it as a downloadable pdf directly from my Shop. Sign up for my weekly newsletter and receive a 50% of coupon

Cover of book with stack of red, grey and blue books and blue text overlay.

PushCases – These sliding pencil cases are perfect to easily access so many different items. 10% of every purchase is donated to animal shelters and rehabilitation center. Use PushCases Discount Code ORGANIZED3120 for 20% off your purchase. 

Erin Condren Planner –  The Erin Condren Planner can be personalized in both design and layout. It’s a planner that I’ve used for several years. I particularly like using it for my business planner. 

graphic explaining customizable life planner from Erin Condren.
graphic showing back to school planners from Erin Condren.

And for my teacher friends out there, you know that the Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner is always popular with teachers.

I wrote it to provide support in decluttering all year long. It focuses on the practical steps of decluttering with seven checklists for specific decluttering hurdles,  10 additional resources and 12 monthly calendars to provide the practical assistance you need to succeed in clearing clutter just a few minutes each day making the space and time for what’s really important to you

Printable Games, Labels, Planners and Checklists I’ve Created

I’ve created more than 35 printable resources to organize your home, your time and have fun, too. These are all resources you can download and print out immediately. My current best selling products are shown below.

Organized Home

Meori – My readers get a 20% discount by using Meori promo code Organized31. 

Teal Meori organizing box filled with picnic food.

I love my Meori folding boxes. They’re perfect for storage, organization and shopping. The cleverly designed and colorful boxes go from home to the car to the great outdoors, then wipe clean, fold up tight and hide away without taking up precious space.

EzPacking Cubes – My readers can use EzPacking Cubes Discount Code for a 15% discount with code ORGANIZED31

4 clear packing cubes with brightly colored clothing.

I love using the top-quality EzPacking Cubes to organize my entire family when we move or travel on vacation. The packing cubes make it easy to keep outfits wrinkle-free and neatly organized in the suitcase and hotel room.

SockDock –  My readers can use the SockDock Coupon Code Organized31 for free shipping. 

The SockDock truly makes laundry much easier. Sorting socks used to always drive me crazy on laundry day. With a family of five (and 10 feet) that means lots of individual socks that had to be located, matched, folded and then distributed to family members. Now each family member puts their own socks in their SockDock, I throw the SockDocks directly into the washer and dryer and then return all the socks in the SockDock to each family member.  You can check out my video on how it makes my life much easier every week.

Brentwood Home – A collection of lovely of beds and bedding for your people and pets. 

dog in pet bed with hands petting it.

We have the Runyon Pet Bed and I can’t tell you how much my senior dog loves it, especially in the winter when her old bones are aching. It also blends in with and compliments the furnishings in my living room. The cover is easy to wash and stays looking great.

brentwoodhome essentials graphic.

My oldest daughter chose to purchase a Brentwood Home mattress for her first apartment. She frequently comments on how happy she is with her purchase and how comfortable the mattress is, even a year and a half later.

Organized 31 Shop on Amazon – Filled with my favorite organizing products in 18 different categories. You will find exactly what you need for any organizing project and know that I recommend the product.

Kindle Unlimited – Reduce the clutter of books, printed and audio materials with the on-demand service of Kindle Unlimted.

Amazon PrimeTry Amazon Prime for free

I’m not sure how the world survived before the convenience of Amazon Prime (yes, I’m joking, but the convenience is definitely addictive). While considering Amazon Prime, be sure to check out my Organized 31 Amazon Store filled with my favorite organizing products, separated into 18 different organizing-themed categories. 

Cloth Face Masks

  • Maskd has washable 100% cotton face masks available in packs of 10 for $19.99 and packs of 20 for $37.99.
  • SewCal Masks are Made in America and come in a variety of styles and designs, starting at $6. 
  • Jane has 31 different mask, bandanna style and mask extenders (to protect your ears) products starting at $6.99.
  • There is a huge selection of different mask styles in a range of prices on Etsy starting at under $1. 
  • Mabel’s Labels has both adult masks and masks for children. The masks are made with 3 layers of fabric, with 6 different fabric designs for children and 8 different designs for adults. $18.50.