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Originally published November 2, 2017 and updated July 6, 2020.

My family has a tradition of creating homeless care packages and blessing bags to donate to our local food pantry and homeless shelter. I also carry extras in my car to hand out when I meet someone who is homeless. Having worked with homeless populations, I have collected truly helpful homeless care package and blessing bag ideas.

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Homeless Care Package and Blessing Bag Ideas

What is a blessing bag?

  • A blessing bag is a care package created to be given to people who are experiencing homelessness and be a blessing to them.
  • Traditionally they have been made to be carried in your car so that you always have them ready when you see someone in need.
  • You can also create them as care packages to be donated to a homeless shelter or to organizations that work with people experiencing homelessness.
  • You can create a bag to meet general needs, including snacks and other items.
  • You can create blessing bags or homeless care packages designed to address specific needs.
  • Thematic bags for holidays are another creative idea.
  • Knowing specific needs of many people experiencing homelessness helps you create a truly useful blessing bag.
  • Understanding limitations that the situation of homelessness can create also helps you choose items that are truly helpful.
  • Adding a note to let the person know that you care and they are valued is a kind way to care for the heart.
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Homeless Care Package & Blessing Bag Ideas

Blessing Bags for Homeless – Comprehensive Guide – Comprehensive guide to make blessing bags for the homeless, includes cold weather tips, different care bag types, how to make, where to donate & much more!

Blessing Bags for the Homeless – Foot Care – As a veteran I know that foot care is important for your overall health and comfort. Foot care is vitally important to the homeless. Comfortable and healthy feet are a luxury for most homeless persons. These items will be much appreciated and are hard to come by for most homeless.

Give Happiness – Homeless Care Package – A care package for the homeless with a fun twist. Adding a bit of fun to care for the heart is just as important as caring with gifts of food. 

Thanksgiving Care Kits – This is where giving care packages all started with our family. We created a family tradition of making care kits on Thanksgiving and donating them to our local food bank and homeless shelter. Kids as young as two or three can help build these care packages.

Act of Kindness Homeless Gift Bag – Ideas for items to include in a homeless care package. 

What to Donate to a Food Pantry – I used to wonder what would be most helpful when I donated to food drives. Then I worked at a food pantry for three years and got a behind-the-scene look at what food pantries really need. 

Blessing Bag Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness – Tips I shared at Wondermom Wannabe about what is most helpful to include in a blessing bag to donate to a food pantry or homeless shelter. 

Donate a New Baby Gift Bag – Create a gift bag for a new mother at a homeless shelter. 

Seasonal Flu Care Package – Ideas of items to include in a care package during cold and flu season. 

Donation Gift Ideas for Each Month of the Year – Much needed and thematic ideas to add to care packages and donations to a food pantry or homeless shelter. 

Blessing Bags for the Homeless to Keep in Your Car – Ideas from All Things with a Purpose and a free printable note to create a blessing bags to carry in your car.

Be sure to pin for later so you can always find all these ideas for homeless care packages and blessing bags. Be sure to share these ideas with family and friends, so we can all help others in our community.