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10-Minute Decluttering Tasks and Organizing

What is the biggest hurdle to getting organized? Finding the time to do it. With these 10-minute purging tasks anyone can find the time to clear clutter and unneeded items and then get organized

I’ve collected 31 days worth of 10-minute purging tasks. You can work your way through these tasks in one month. Think of that – declutter and get organized in just one month. Or if you’d prefer, you can tackle the tasks when you have time. 

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10-Minute Purging Tasks

Purging Clutter Checklist

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Grab your free printable 2-page Purging Clutter Checklist when you sign up for our free newsletter. The checklist will help you through the decluttering process.

31 Days of 10-Minute Purging Tips – Getting Started

Day 1 Purging Tips – Gift Wrap and Supplies

Day 2 Purging Tips – Holiday Decorations

Day 3 Purging Tips – Plastic Containers and Lids

Day 4 Purging Tips – Jeans

Day 5 Purging Tips – Small Toys and Email Inbox

Day 6 Purging Tips – Kitchen Appliances

Day 7 Purging Tips – Office Supplies

Day 8 Purging Tips –Plastic Cups and Glasses 

Day 9 Purging Tips – Socks

Day 10 Purging Tips – Sports Equipment

Day 11 Purging Tips – Medicine and Vitamins

Day 12 Purging Tips – Scarves, Belts & Accessories 

Day 13 Purging Tips – Pet Toys or Coat Closet  

Day 14 Purging Tips – Workout or Yard Work Clothes

Day 15 Purging Tips – Junk Drawer

Day 16 Purging Tips – Shoes

Day 17 Purging Tips – Kitchen Utensils

Day 18 Purging Tips – DVDs, CDs, Cords and Cables

Day 19 Purging Tips – Flashlights and Batteries

Day 20 Purging Tips – Makeup and Bathroom Cabinet

Day 21 Purging Tips – Yard Equipment

Day 22 Purging Tips – Magazines and Newspapers

Day 23 Purging Tips – Top Shelf in Pantry or Closet

Day 24 Purging Tips – Car

Day 25 Purging Tips – Books

Day 26 Purging Tips – Toolbox

Day 27 Purging Tips – Purse, Backpack, Briefcase

Day 28 Purging Tips – Linen Closet

Day 29 Purging Tips – Sweatshirts and Sweaters

Day 30 Purging Tips – Coffee Mugs

Day 31 Purging Tips – Wallet & Keys

31 Days of 10-Minute Purging Tips – What Now?

Once you’ve cleared the clutter, then what? Wondermom Wannabe shares 5 Ways to Make Extra Money as You Unclutter Your Home.

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Organizing After You Declutter

10+ tips to organize office supplies at home so that they’re functional and pretty. Make the most of a small space with careful planning and organizing.

If I’ve missed any purging tasks that you need help with, please feel free to email me. I love hearing from you and am always looking for new purging and organizing tasks to tackle. 

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How to Clear Clutter – Getting Started – A different look at decluttering. 

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