Easter Bunny Storage Bin Label

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Knowing how to organize Easter decorations to preserve them is simple if you know a few tricks. One of my key tips is to use Easter Bunny Storage Bin Labels so you can quickly identify the tubs you want and the contents of each tub. With three children and more than 20 military moves, I’ve mastered the tips to storing holiday decorations to survive long-distance moves and to keep them easy to find when you need them. Using these free printable Easter Bunny Labels makes locating your Easter decorations a snap. And aren’t they just so cute?

2 organizing labels for Easter decorations, one with a bunny and one with dyed eggs in grass

I enjoy decorating for the holidays and we have many (maybe too many) tubs of decorations for each holiday. Packing them well and using holiday labels to identify each tub is key for us finding what we need for each holiday every time we move into a new home.

How to Organize Holiday Decorations

  • Store decorations in sturdy plastic tubs that are easy to stack.
  • Store all decorations for each holiday together.
  • Store in easily identifiable plastic tubs.
  • Separate decorations by the room they are used in.
    • This makes it easy to decorate a bit at a time and also to prioritize which areas to decorate first. 
  • Use labels to identify the contents of each tub.
    • Labels that quickly and visually identify the holiday are preferred.
    • Identify the room that the decorations are used in.
    • Identify the specific decorations or general categories of decorations. For example, Easter baskets, plastic eggs and Easter books. 
  • Use an inventory sheet for inside the storage tub.
  • Keep boxes that decorations were sold in if they are designed specifically for fragile decorations.
top view of storage tub lid with bunny organizing label

You can read more of my holiday organization tips that apply to decorations of all seasons:

Easter Decoration label with dyed eggs in grass

Easter Bunny & Easter Storage Bin Labels

Easter decorations label with cute bunny holding flower

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collage of colorful organizing printable pages.

You get immediate access to these free labels when you sign up for our free exclusive content.

Cut the labels out.

Clearly print the room that the decorations are used in.

Clearly print the contents of the tub. 

Resources for Creating and Using Your Printables

When you use these cute Easter Bunny storage tub labels, it makes it easy to quickly identify which tubs hold your Easter decorations and then which tub holds exactly the item you’re looking for.  We’d rather spend time decorating and celebrating than hunting for our decorations. Using the Easter decoration labels also makes putting away decorations a breeze since you exactly which tub each decoration belongs. 

More Organizing Labels

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