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What is it about Halloween that makes it so much fun? My family enjoys celebrating a fun, scary Halloween (not creepy, scary). These 65+ simple Halloween ideas and recipes can quickly be created by any busy person and you’ll be proud to share them.  Have fun with crafts, treats, costumes and recipes. 

Collage of Halloween crafts, recipes and decorations

Halloween Ideas and Recipes

More than 65 simple tutorials for busy moms and families. Included are ideas for costumes, recipes, printable games and labels, crafts, treats and entertaining and decorations. In addition to being simple to create, most of these ideas are budget-friendly, too.

Halloween Decorations

Light Bulb Recycle – Potion Bottle – It’s easy to make these potion bottles for just pennies using a repurposed light bulb. It’s perfect for Halloween decorations and also for props.

2 DIY potion bottles next to stack of spooky books

Repurposed Wood Shutters Sign for Halloween – Make Halloween shutters as a welcoming DIY Halloween decoration using upcycled shutters and a little paint. The tutorial is easy for any skill level.

Halloween sign made from 2 shutters on front porch

Last-Minute Halloween Idea – The simplest of DIY decorations that you can make in just minutes. You can use repurposed jars or make a quick run to the craft store to purchase already painted jars.

These work great for home decorations and also for a Halloween party.

a black jar with googly eyes and orange jar with black mask

Recycled Book Halloween Decoration – Use an upcycled book to create this Halloween book craft. It’s easy to do and makes a great Halloween decoration or prop.

It’s a fun kids’ craft in addition to be a creative outlet for adults.

It works great for a Hocus Pocus party or Harry Potter party, as well as any Halloween party.

stack of three DIY decorated books on white wood table

Halloween Luminary Decorations – These DIY Halloween decorations work perfectly for day or with a battery operated light for nighttime. You can make them for pennies using repurposed bottles and jars.

A great kids’ craft for kids of all ages.

5 decorated plastic bottle decorations for Halloween
collage of colorful worksheets with featured cover page with 3 ghosts with party hats.

Upcycled Bottles for Halloween Decorations – Make these fun decorations for a penny using your printer and repurposed bottles.

Choose labels from this free website to match your décor and preference for Halloween charm or spookiness.

4 DIY labeled bottles

Tombstone Decorating with Repurposed Boxes – A great craft to make with the kids. Use your creativity and a few card board boxes. Use these decorations for indoor or outdoor Halloween decoration.

children standing on sidewalk with DIY Halloween tombstones in the yard

How to Store Halloween Decorations – Simple tips to protect your precious decorations and organize them to make them easy to access.

These are low cost tips, often using repurposed items.

image of Halloween decorations with tub and text overlay

Halloween Printables

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printable Game – Make trick or treating & any Halloween party even more fun with this free 4-page printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt. It’s a great kids’ & family activity.

2 jack o'lanterns and 4 printable Halloween scavenger hunt sheets
Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Trivia Questions – These free 35 Halloween Trivia Questions and answer cards are perfect for a party, to add to a lunchbox or as a family dinner activity.

top image - close up of white jack o'lantern cup with Halloween candy bottom image - 7 pages of Halloween trivia questions

Halloween Treats Printable – A free printable makes handing out fun Halloween treats easy (even at the last minute). They’re perfect as party favors, a kid’s activity & to add to gifts.

8 orange treats with jack o'lantern faces

Halloween Costume Scavenger Hunt Printable – Make trick-or-treating or your next Halloween party even more fun with this free 4-page printable Halloween Costume Scavenger Hunt.

4 images of scavenger hunt sheets for Halloween and image of children in costumes

Fall Scavenger Hunt Printable – Explore autumn with this free 4-page printable fall scavenger hunt. It’s perfect for a backyard or great outdoors activity for kids and families.

Autumn trees with yellow leaves and 4 fall scavenger hunt sheets with text overlay
Fall Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Word Search – Three free printable Halloween word search pages, each with 15 words, plus an answer key. Make developing problem solving and word skills scary fun.

top image- purple and green cookies with eyeballs, bottom image 3 Halloween word search pages

Free Halloween Labels Printables – Organize your decorations with this free Halloween labels printable in two different styles. Label your storage tubs and boxes so you can easily locate your decorations.

image of two Halloween decoration tubs with printable labels with text overlay

Treats and Entertaining

Ghost Candy Wrapper – Halloween crafts are fun to make with kids or give as gifts & party favors. These Ghost Candy Wrappers for movie theater box candy are cute & easy to make.

These are also a fun kids’ craft or Halloween party activity.

Two ghost crafts with candy scattered in background.

Kids Halloween Mummy Game – This mummy game is always a hit at parties. Players are blindfolded and guess each body part by feeling it.

black box with DIY mummy game

Non-candy Halloween Treats – It’s simple to dress up non-candy snacks for Halloween. You can give these out to trick or treaters or as favors at a Halloween party.

peach snack cups with jack o'lantern faces added

Scrap Buster Mummy Treats – Use scraps of craft paper, a marker and some googly eyes to dress up candy and gum for Halloween party favors to treat to hand out to trick or treaters.

This is also a great kids’ craft.

DIY mummy treats made from white paper scraps and googly eyes

Frankenstein Craft – This easy Frankenstein craft is a great Halloween idea for kids, for party favors, for gift bags, for trick or treating and for a fun Halloween craft.

Two Frankenstein candy wrappers with scattered candy and text.

DIY Mummy Candy Wrapper – Fun to make Halloween crafts – mummy candy bar wrappers are ideal for beginning crafters & are great party favors or treats to hand out.

DIY Mummy Candy Bar Wrappers - Organized 31

Peanut Free Halloween Treats – Easy to make peanut free Halloween treat envelopes. Make these adorable gift card sleeves to hand out to trick or treaters or to give as party favors.

3 DIY envelopes that look like a mummy, a jack o'lantern and Frankenstein on white table

Halloween College Care Package – Make a Halloween care package to send to your favorite college student, deployed soldier or loved one. These fun and creative ideas are sure to please.

Close up of open postal box and Halloween gifts

What to Do with Extra Halloween Candy – You’re wondering what to do with extra Halloween candy. Here are 14 ideas.

Wall of different candy with text overlay

Gauze Wrapped Candy Bars – Make these adorable gauze wrapped candy bars for Halloween. These mummy bars are easy enough for young children to make and cool enough for older kids.

Gauze Wraped Candy Bars for Halloween - Organized 31

Halloween Treat Bags You Can Make at the Last Minute – Halloween Treat Bags you can make last minute with supplies you already have. Perfect for trick-or-treat treats or party favors.

two mummy envelopes and a ghost envelopes with candy scattered with text overlay


Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial for Beginners – Make adorable fabric pumpkins with an easy fabric pumpkin tutorial for beginners. Perfect for fall or Halloween home and party décor. Uses upcycled fabric.

5  orange fabric pumpkins in different sizes on wood table

Upcycled Halloween Kids Craft – A fun and easy to make upcycled Halloween kids craft that uses a recycled can.

can decorated like jack o'lantern with candy on wood table

Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial – 90’s Grunge Shirt – A fabric pumpkin tutorial anyone can do using an upcycled grunge shirt for a cool fall décor vibe. The retro 90’s alternative and grunge scene is back.

A fabric pumpkin tutorial anyone can do using an upcycled grunge shirt for a cool fall décor vibe.

Soda Bottle Pumpkins – Make these DIY pumpkins for autumn and Halloween using repurposed plastic bottles and yarn.

A great craft for kids and adults with beginner craft skills.

3 DIY yarn and felt pumpkins on wood table

Halloween Pencil Case – A fun craft for kids using an inexpensive pencil case and your imagination.

3 plastic pencil cases decorated for Halloween

Easy Crocheted Candy Corn Halloween Basket – A simple crochet pattern for a basket that is perfect for decorating or to give as a gift.

Edible Wizard Crafts – Do you know a Harry Potter or fantasy genre fan? Make these edible wizard’s crafts as party favors or a fun kid’s craft. 

DIY wizard crafts that are edible

Pretend Potions from Repurposed Items – Make your own pretend magic potions using repurposed household items.

Pretend Potions from Repurposed Items and Crayola #shop - Organized 31

Magic Potions for Kids Craft – Make a kids’ craft for pretend play, Halloween or to accompany a favorite wizard or fantasy book. Magic potions for kids craft takes less than an hour.

4 bottles of DIY lotions with DIY labels and text overlay

Mini Magic Potion Bottles – Do you know a Harry Potter or fairy tale fan? These Mini Magic Potion Bottles are easy to make and perfect for imaginative play or to display.

3 mini magic potion bottles with 3 sparkly marbles on grey background


Jolly Rancher Cocktail  – Green apple jolly rancher cocktails are perfect for your summer gatherings, Halloween party and anytime you’d like a grownup but still fun cocktail.

3 glasses with green liquid and green jolly rancher in cup

Jack Skellington Halloween Decorations – Easy-to-make Jack Skellington Halloween decorations that are edible. Celebrate The Nightmare Before Christmas with these treats and favors.

Skelleton face on marshmallows with candy corn and text overlay

Witches’ Brew Punch – Witches’ brew punch is a fun, frothy easy-to-make Halloween drink that you can make in an adult version and also in a non-alcoholic version.

close up of orange witches brew in glass with black straw

Mini Finger Pies with Butterfinger Candy – Make these scrumptious mini finger pies with Butterfinger candy. They’re always a big hit with family and guests.

mini pies with whipped cream and mini candy bars

Halloween Graveyard Treat – Make this Halloween Graveyard Treat in three easy steps. It’s always a hit at parties and as a treat.

dessert that looks like a graveyard with candy worms, candy pumpkins and cookie ghosts

Make Your Own Easy Tombstone Cookies – Make your own easy tombstone cookies as a Halloween treat or to as decorations on a cake or cupcake.

cookies decorated to look like ghosts and tombstones

Halloween Rice Krispies Treats Ideas – Halloween Rice Krispie Treats Ideas that look like wizard spell books are easy to make. Really! Make them to look like your favorite fantasy book or movie.

5 small spell book treats with text overlay

Deviled Egg Eyeballs – Make these easy deviled egg eyeballs to thrill for Halloween.

Deviled Egg Eyeballs for Halloween - Organized 31

Halloween Jack O’Lantern Dinner Pockets – An easy-to-make dinner dish that always wows.

Halloween beef stuffed biscuit jack o lantern shaped with text overlay

Halloween Eyeball Brownies – Make these easy Halloween eyeball brownies as a fun treat or for a Halloween party.

round brownies that look like eyeballs

Halloween Treats – Witch Fingers – These Witch Finger Halloween treats are super easy to make and fun to take to a party or serve at home.

Make these candy witch fingers for a fun Halloween party treat.

Scary Eyes Halloween Cake – And easy-to-make cake that is fun to make and always a hit.

cake with chocolate frosting and candy decorated to look like eyes

Super Easy Monster Eye Cookies – Monster Eyeball Cookies are so easy to make and always impress. Perfect for parties and Halloween. The recipe starts with a cake mix.

6 green cookies with green and yellow eyes


Special Effects 31 – DIY Blood from Household Ingredients – make this special effects makeup with household ingredients.

Also makes a spooky fun kids’ activity.

Special effects blood made from household items.

Special Effects 31 – Fake Wound from Household Ingredients – make this amazingly realistic looking wound with household ingredients.

It’s a great creative activity for kids (with a bit of supervision).

child's arm with DIY bloody special effects wound

Easy Dr. Seuss Costume – The Sneetches – Make easy Dr. Seuss costumes for one person or a group in less than 30 minutes. These Sneetches costumes include the plain and the star belly sneetch.

2 yellow t-shirts decorated to look like Dr. Seuss Sneetches

Quick and Easy Dr. Seuss Costume – The perfect last-minute quick and easy Dr. Seuss costume. A Dr. Seuss DIY costume that is adaptable or a variety of Dr. Seuss character costumes.

2 children wearing Dr. Seuss antenna costumes

Dr. Seuss Day Costumes – Thing One & Thing Two, Sneetches, Skippy Jon Jones costumes that are easy to make.

collage of children in colorful Dr. Seuss costumes

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You can also see all our Halloween ideas in the table below. Simply scroll through the table, click on the tutorial that interests you and then click the link in the card to see the tutorial.