Easter Word Search Printable

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This Easter word search printable is a fun holiday activity for children and for adults. This free printable contains three pages and an answer key. One page contains religious Easter words and the other two contain Easter themed words to find.

young girl's hands holding 3 dyed pastel Easter eggs with title text reading  Easter Word Search

I’ve always enjoyed doing word search puzzles for as long as I can remember and still enjoy them now as an adult. Holiday themed activities are a fun way to celebrate.

They’re also a great way to keep children occupied during a busy activity-filled holiday.

Is it good to do word searches?

People often wonder whether word searches are just a fun activity or is there a benefit to doing them. Word searches are a great brain activity for both children and seniors.

  • Cognitive games are good for developing mental skills for children and for maintaining mental skills for seniors.
  • A word search puzzle strengthens the working memory. The working memory connects long-term and short-term memory skills.
  • Word searches help practice problem solving skills as players determine ways to find words, whether searching methodically in a grid, searching randomly for a word or some other method that works for them.
  • The activity strengthens focus and attention span by keeping the person engaged in searching for words.
girl in white dress holding basket of colorful plastic eggs
  • Develop pattern recognition. Remembering the pattern or spelling of a word and finding that same pattern in the puzzle is a skill.
  • Develop word recognition.
  • Provide a sense of accomplishment as each word is found and then as the entire puzzle is completed.
  • Word search puzzles are a productive way to counter boredom.

Easter Word Search Printable

This Easter word search consists of 4 pages:

  • 1 word search with religious Easter words
  • 2 pages with general Easter themed words
  • 1 answer key page

The words contained in the Easter word search puzzles are:

  • Easter
  • bunny
  • chocolate
  • jelly bean
  • bow
  • spring
  • tulips
  • bonnet
  • grass
  • hide
  • hop
  • risen
  • Sunday
  • cross
  • alive
  • Mary
  • life
  • savior
  • eggs
  • dye
  • hunt
  • basket
  • chick
  • candy
  • roll
  • decorate
  • rabbit
  • family
  • lily
  • Jesus
  • faith
  • angel
  • Christ
  • tomb
  • miracle
close up of 3 colorful Easter Word Search Printables

How to print the Easter Word Search

To get the free printable Easter Word Search, simply sign up for our free exclusive content below. You’ll receive immediate access to the printable pdf.

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  • Once you sign up, you’ll gain immediate access to the printable pdf.
  • Tap the pdf to save the pdf to your computer or print directly with the “print” option.
  • Print the word search sheets on your home printer.
  • Or you can choose to print the activity sheets at your local office store or printer.
  • You can print the game sheets on regular computer paper.
  • You can print the sheets one at a time or all of them at once. Don’t forget to print out the answer key.
  • Feel free to print these Easter word search activity sheets as many times as you’d like for your personal, church or classroom use.

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