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As a professional organizer, I love a gorgeous magazine-worthy organized photo or space as much as the next person. But I’m also aware that not everyone has the budget for all new organizing bins and tools. I’m also personally concerned about the environmental impact of over-consumerism. I’ve found that using repurposed and upcycled items to organize work just as well and can be just as beautiful as store bought items.

collage of 6 images of repurposed organizing ideas

Here are more than 75 free and low-cost repurposed organizing ideas using upcycled and repurposed items that are just as effective and pretty, plus are budget & earth-friendly.

I use repurposed items to organize my own home. You can see these repurposed organizing tools in action in my own home by popping over to Instagram and checking out my Repurposed/Free Highlights.

Repurposed Organizing Ideas

To make finding repurposed organizing inspiration easier, I’ve broken my projects out into categories:

  • General Repurposed Organizing
  • Bathroom 
  • Kitchen 
  • Bedroom 
  • Kids’ Clothes, Toys and School
  • Office and Craft Room 

Resources for Repurposed Organizing

Everything you need to get started using repurposed items for organizing. These are products I use in my own home and business (or similar items, if I couldn’t find the exact same one). The products cost between $3 – $20, with most below $12.

General Repurposed Organizing

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Bathroom Repurposed Organizing

Kitchen Repurposed Organizing

Bedroom Repurposed Organizing

Kids Repurposed Organzing

Office and Craft Room Repurposed Organizing 

75+ Free and low-cost organization using repurposed organizing ideas that are just as effective and pretty, plus are budget & earth-friendly.