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Welcome to 🛟Simple Organizing Solutions🛟 (fondly known as SOS)!

Are you always on the lookout for clever ways to get your home, office, or life a little more organized? We invite you to share your best tried-and-true organizing tips and projects with our community.

As a professional organizer, I’m often blown away by the amazingly creative and effective solutions real people find to their own unique organizing challenges. These solutions make me celebrate and always ignite my own organizing creativity. I want to share that excitement with you!

Whether you’ve found an ingenious way to corral the kids’ clutter, devised some dollar-store organizing hacks, or simply have an innovative approach to tidying up, we want to hear about it! No idea is too big or too small.

Check Out Our Reader Submitted SOS Ideas

In the Navigation Bar at the top of this page, hover over Home 31, then hover over Organizing and you’ll find Reader Ideas. This is where you’ll find all the creative organizing solutions from our brilliant readers.

Why Join in with Simple Organizing Solutions

When you submit your simple solutions, you’ll be helping others overcome their organizing obstacles. Your real-life experiences and advice could be just what someone else needs to finally get a handle on their own persistent mess. Bonus? You’ll discover new organizing tricks yourself!

Who Can Submit Projects

Anyone with simple and effective organizing projects. We’re looking for real-life busy people like you to share your own personal organizing solutions! Whether you’re a parent constantly battling toy tornadoes, a professional juggling paperwork and miscellaneous office supplies, a overstuffed journal and stationery collector, or just someone who’s found ingenious ways to declutter and streamline your living spaces – we want to hear from you.

Maybe you’ve repurposed common household items into storage heroes or discovered the perfect labeling system. If you’ve implemented any clever tips, tricks or DIY projects to bring more order to your daily life, we invite you to submit your simple yet effective ideas. No solution is too small or too specific – we’re after real-world organizing wins from real people dealing with real clutter and chaos.

How It Works

Sharing your simple organizing solutions is a great way to inspire and help others while giving yourself a nice sense of satisfaction. Maybe your smart storage hack or decluttering approach worked so well that you want to pass it along. Or perhaps you’re proud of the way you streamlined a space and want to show off your organizational skills.

When you submit your project, you’ll be helping your fellow organizers by providing motivation, ideas and advice they can use. Your Reader SOS organizing idea, project, hack and solution will be published on Organized 31 and possibly shared on social media and in my newsletter.

You’ll get recognition and a morale boost from having your ingenuity featured.

Your tip could be the”aha!” moment that finally helps someone conquer that stuck-on sticking point in their own organizational journey. By submitting your real-life simple solutions, you’ll play a role in creating a community of people dedicated to cutting through clutter and streamlining their lives.

Active contributors may receive special perks like exclusive content, exclusive discounts to products, or even product rewards. Simple Organizing Solutions is all about celebrating organizing wins and contributions

How to Submit Your Idea

Take a look around your newly organized spaces and tell us how you did it. No project or idea is too small or simple if it really made your life easier and more organized. You know that I focus on sharing simple ideas that busy people can really implement, so please share those wonderfully simple, life-changing organizing ideas you have.

Snap some pictures – they’re a great way to illustrate your methods. Let us know all the details like any inexpensive products you used, time it took to complete, favorite containers or tools, and more. The more specifics, the better!

Submit your project by filling out this form.

When your project is accepted for publication, you will receive a free gift of 9 sticky note templates so you can print your own to organize your projects and To Dos.

A collection of various printable planners and to-do lists on a watercolor background, showcasing different layouts for organization.

PLEASE NOTE: All submissions are reviewed before being published. Only ideas that fit with the interests of our audience and meet our guidelines will be published. We will notify you at your provided email address when your submission is published.

We’ll be featuring submitted solutions regularly, putting a spotlight on the most creative, useful, and of course, simple organizing ideas. Get those brains working and those fingers typing – we can’t wait to learn and celebrate your creative organizing solutions!

Simple Photo Taking Tips

Tell the Story

  • Capture “before” shots to show the previous mess when possible (don’t worry if you don’t have before photos, still submit your project)
  • Take pics of the project process, if possible
  • Show any handy tools or products used, if possible

Lighting is Key

  • Find a bright area with good natural light if possible
  • Avoid harsh shadows by not shooting directly into bright light sources
  • Use lamps or overhead lights to brighten dark areas
  • Improve focus by tapping the screen on your phone where the focus of the solution is. This little tap helps your camera know what to focus on.

Keep it Simple

  • Remove any distractions from the background when possible
  • Stick to clean, solid colored backdrops like walls or tablecloths if you are sharing a specific product or smaller solution
  • Don’t zoom in too close – give a bit of context around the organized space

Snap Multiple Angles

  • Take shots from different perspectives – straight on, above, or at an angle
  • Close-up detail shots can highlight storage solutions
  • Wide shots give an overall sense of the organized space

Editing Advice

  • Most phone cameras have basic editing tools
  • Crop out any unwanted elements around the edges
  • Adjust brightness/contrast if needed for true color representation
  • Don’t worry if you’re unable edit the photo, we can handle it on our end😊

Now it’s your turn to share! Don’t be shy – your clever tips and creative organizing approaches can really help others looking to bring more order to their lives. Whether your project was big or small, we want to hear all about it.

So what are you waiting for? Submit away! We can’t wait to feature your real-life simple organizing solutions and spread organized peace happiness far and wide. Together we can get organized!