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Patriotic Craft Projects, Recipes and Ideas

Patriotic craft projects, recipes and idea to celebrate, the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and any patriotic occasion.  It’s a time to spend with family and friends, eat delicious food, and enjoy the company of our loved ones. But it’s also a time to show our patriotism. And what better way to show our patriotism than by making some patriotic crafts, playing some patriotic games, and eating some patriotic recipes? There are ideas here for everyone including kids’ activities and ideas to support our troops, veterans and military families.

collage of patriotic projects like red, white and blue cupcakes and American flag craft.

These ideas and recipes will help you plan your next patriotic party with decorations, activities,  recipes and party favors.

Patriotic Ideas

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Patriotic Games

Patriotic printables games are a fun and easy way to celebrate the Fourth of July with your family and friends. There are many different games to choose from, so you can find one that is perfect for everyone in your group.

I Spy Printable – 4th of July – 3 free & fun I Spy printable worksheet for the 4th of July. Each worksheet contains 10 unique images and an answer key is included.

top image - red, white & blue balloons, bottom image - colorful I Spy sheets

Scavenger Hunt Printable for the 4th of July – Add even more fun to your patriotic celebrations with a free scavenger hunt printable for the 4th of July. It’s fun for kids of all ages.

4 images of scavenger hunt sheets with text overlay

Patriotic Crafts

Patriotic crafts are a fun and easy way to celebrate any patriotic occasion with your family and friends. There are many different crafts to choose from, so you can find one that is perfect for everyone in your group.

Patriotic Mason Jar Craft Ideas – Patriotic Mason Jar Craft Ideas are easy to make with a little craft paint and about 20 minutes of time. It’s a great kids’ craft and recycling craft DIY project perfect for the 4th of July or any patriotic occasion.

3 red, white and blue painted jars holding napkins and straws.

DIY 4th of July Favors – Make these DIY 4th of July favors in minutes and for less than a dollar. These party favors are perfect for any patriotic party or get together.

2 paper craft Amercian flag covers for packs of gum.

DIY Paper Star Decorations – Make DIY Paper Star Decorations with this tutorial & 15+ tips for unique paper bag stars for weddings, graduation, birthday parties, etc.

large white paper star decoration on wood railing

4th of July Treats for Kids (and Everyone) – Make these easy 4th of July Treats for Kids (and everyone) in minutes. They’re cute candy firecracker treats that are perfect for a patriotic party or celebration.

2 red paper crafts with candy for 4th of July.

Easy Patriotic Upcycled Jar – Use a repurposed glass jar and scraps of vinyl or washi tape to create a decorations in just minutes.

red, white and blue decorated glass jar on white table.

DIY Patriotic Clothespins – a fun and festive craft for beginning crafters.

wood clothes pins painted like the American flag on white wood table.

All-American Upcycled Can – use items you already have to upcycled a plastic can for your next party.

Recycled plastic can for an upcycled patriotic DIY

Upcycled Box Party Serving Tray – In just minutes, for just pennies, you can create a holiday themed serving tray for your party.

red and white polka dot box holding paper plates and napkins.

DIY Captain America Notebook – Easy-to-make Captain America notebook. Perfect for beginning crafters.

notebook with Captain America on cover.

Red, White and Blue Recipes

Red, white, and blue are the colors of the American flag, and they are also the colors of many delicious recipes. Whether you are looking for a festive appetizer, a main course, or a sweet treat, there is a red, white, and blue recipe that is perfect for your Fourth of July celebration or any patriotic event.

Easy Captain America Cupcakes – Easy-to-make red, white and blue cupcakes using store bought ingredients.

red, white and blue decorated cupcakes.

Fresh Strawberry Cookies – Make these fresh strawberry cookies as a decadent treat perfect for Valentine’s Day. Mother’s Day, anniversaries and any special occasion.

plate of chocolate drizzled fresh strawberry cookies

Shortcake Recipe with Strawberries & Blueberries – This shortcake recipe with both strawberries and blueberries couldn’t be easier to make. Fresh fruit makes it perfect in the summer and for the 4th of July.

strawberry and blueberry shortcake with whip cream stars on white plate with text overlay

Red, White and Blue Dessert – Red White Blue Desserts are perfect for the 4th of July. Celebrate with these adorable and delicious, super easy-to-make fruit cups.

red, white, and blue fruit dessert cups with blue tablecloth and metal spoon

Easy White Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe – Make this easy white chocolate cheesecake recipe for a nostalgic no-bake treat. Making this family favorite dessert as a mini cheesecake is a fun twist on a delicious and easy-to-make recipe.a

close up of white chocolate mouse dessert in silver foil cup with nuts.

Best Strawberry Lemonade Ever – This is the best strawberry lemonade ever. It’s quick and easy to make , can be prepped ahead of time and is perfect for large parties.

glass jug of red lemonade next to red plastic cup on table outside.

For Veterans and Military Families

There are many ways to support veterans and military families. Here are a few ideas:

Thank a Veteran Cards Free Printable – Many veterans have never been thanked. Thank a Veteran Cards to download and print now for free. Hand these out to thank veterans that you interact with.

Older man in wheelchair saluting flag with blue and white starts below.

Thank You Veteran Card Writing Tips – Tips for writing thank you veteran cards and where to send the cards. Grab your free copy of writing tips that work perfectly for deployed troops, too.

tips to write to veterans, cards , stamps and text overlay

    Veterans Day Thank You Ideas – 32 Veterans Day thank you ideas from a veteran for all schedules, budgets & interests. Ideas to do alone, as a family or with a group.

    veteran in wheel chair at Korean War Memorial of military members statues

    What to Donate to a Veterans Hospital -Support veterans and military members with donations that are really needed. Ideas about what to donate to a veterans hospital or military medical center.

    image of veteran with crutches and military themed bags with text overlay

    How to Help a Military Family – Tips and ideas of how to help a military family and show your appreciation. Plus, a free printable thank you card.

    White, red and blue cards with starts on white wood table.
    collage of patriotic projects like red, white, and blue mason jars and cupcakes.