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I’m the mother of three and a parent educator. I’ve been a parent educator working with parents of newborns, teens and everything in between. I’ve worked with parents from the community, court-ordered parents and incarcerated parents. I’ve taught child development theory to child care providers and to college students. As the mother of three, I’ve been parenting for more than 53 combined years. All that means that I’ve picked up a few parenting tips along the way. 

Parenting TIps from a mother of 3 and parent educator with 20+ years of experience.

Parenting Tips

Tips for School and Education

Encouraging Lifelong Learning in STEM

Tips to Help with Homework without Doing It for Them

Encourage After-School Reading 

Eight tips to encourage lifelong learning in STEM subjects from a parent educator and mother of three. Parents can encourage an interest in science, technology, engineering and math or “STEM” in their children by making simple choices. #Learn365 #IC [ad] | Organized 31

General Parenting Tips

Tips on Hiring a Babysitter

Tips for Hiring a Babysitter – Part 2

Teaching Fruit of the Spirit Characteristics 

No Excuses Chore Cards

Recommended Vaccinations for Teens

Tips for Talking and Bonding with Your Child

Teach Your Child Not to Use Hurtful Slang

Tips for Talking with Your Teen

Sending your child off to college is just as difficult as leaving your baby when you deploy. You can celebrate the milestone and prepare for the separation by making memories together. #ShareYourMiracles [ad]

Talking about Drinking and Driving

Decide to Drive Without Distraction

Make the Time to Have a Family Talk About Drinking

Family Talk About Drinking – Life After Graduation

Tips for Children and Technology

Setting Boundaries for Technology with Your Children

9 Cyber Safety Tips

Teaching Responsible Cell Phone Use

Tips to Teaching Kids Digital Responsibility

Tips for Allowance and Budgeting

Teaching Children About Saving Money

Best Budget Worksheet for Graduates

Allowance to Teach Financial Responsibility

Comprehensive Allowance and Budgeting for Teens – Part Two

I've sent two of my children off to college more than 10 hours away from home. These are my top college tips for success to help you and your student have a successful college experience.

Top College Tips for Success

Parenting Infants & Young Children

Tips to Protect Your Baby from RSV

Home Safety Tips for Children

Parenting TIps from a mother of 3 and parent educator with 20+ years of experience.