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How to Fold Clothes and More

Keeping clothes and your home organized can be a challenged in today’s busy world. Knowing how to fold clothes properly to keep them neat and organized makes all the difference in reducing stress and mess. These tips on how to fold clothes and how to fold linens are field-tested in my family of five. They work well for our family and our busy life. 

Collage of 5 images of neatly folded colorful clothing.

Folding Clothes

Think of how many different clothing items can be folded.

  • Folding t-shirts
  • Folding sweaters
  • Folding sweatshirts
  • Folding jeans
  • Folding pants
  • Folding socks
  • Folding underwear 
  • Folding Shorts
  • Folding Skirts
  • Folding Dresses

How to Fold Socks – Tips on how to fold socks four different ways and the situations that each different folding style works best for. 

How to Fold and Organize Jeans – Tips for folding jeans and pants to keep them neat and organized in your closet.

How to Fold a Hoodie – Three different ways to fold a hoodie so that it stays neatly folded in your closet or drawer.

How to Fold and File Pajamas – My favorite trick for folding pajamas and keeping them organized in the drawer, even children’s drawers.

How to Fold Underwear – Because they’re small, underwear can be difficult to fold neatly and keep neatly organized. The free 2-page tip sheet makes folding underwear easy.

How to Fold and Organize Your T-shirts – Long before there was KonMari, I was using this folding tip for my t-shirts. It works well for both short-sleeve and long-sleeve tees.

Folding and Filing Clothes – Knowing how to properly fold your clothes and then file them in your drawer will give you more room and make accessing your items much easier.  

How to Fold a Sweatshirt – This simple folding method will keep sweatshirts neatly organized in your drawer or on a closet shelf. 

Make your clothes and closet smell wonderful with this easy DIY Lavender Linen Spray.

Folding Sweatshirts and Sweaters Step-by-step tutorial on how to fold sweatshirts and sweaters that I included in my best tips for college students. This tutorial works perfectly for any age or stage of life. 

How to Fold and Hang Up Sweaters – The trick to folding and hanging your sweaters so that you don’t end up with should bumps or wrinkles. 

Get my 37-page How to Fold Clothes ebook now with images and directions for folding all types of clothing.

collage of pages of how to fold clothing

How to Fold Linens and More

Just think of how many linen items can be folded:

  • Folding bed sheets
  • Folding Towels
  • Folding Dish Towels
  • Folding Wash Cloths
  • Folding Blankets
  • Folding Quilts
  • Folding Tablecloths

How to Fold Bed Sheets  – Keeping your linen closet neat and organized is a snap with this easy tutorial on properly folding bed sheets. 

How to Fold Curtains and Organize for a Move  – After 25+ moves, I’ve learned the perfect way to fold and organize curtains for moving and storage.

Close up of folded fabric on shelf

How to Fold Fabric – It’s easy to keep fabric folded neatly and even prettily when you know this simple trick for folding it. 

Folding Plastic Shopping Bags – Even when you use cloth shopping bags, those plastic shopping bags sneak their way into your home. This trick to folding plastic shopping bags keeps them neat and compact. 

How to fold clothes, linens & more properly. Keep closets & drawers neat & as usable storage with folding tips & tricks I've used well before KonMari. #ClosetOrganizing #HowtoFold