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Simple Easter Ideas

Easter is such an exciting time of the year as spring and warm weather arrive. It’s a time for celebration, family, and friends. These 25+ Easter ideas are perfect for busy moms and families and will help you make the most of the holiday. They’re easy to do and still have that wow factor. 

family with young children wearing bunny ears and dyeing Easter eggs.

Games and Activities

Easter is just around the corner and there’s no denying that it’s a fun and exciting time. Whether you’re spending time with family, cooking up a feast, or simply enjoying the long weekend, Easter is a great opportunity to create memories and have some fun. And what better way to celebrate than with some free printable Easter games and activities for all ages? Grab your printer, some markers, and get ready to have some Easter-themed fun!

Easter Word Search Printable – Free 3-page Easter word search printable, with 1 religious sheet, + answer key. A fun activity for children & adults, especially seniors.

top image - basket of Easter eggs, bottom image 3 colorful Easter work sheets.

Free Coloring Pages for Easter I-Spy Activity – 4 great coloring page I-Spy sheets are a great way to celebrate. These free coloring pages for Easter are fun activities, include an answer key.

3 coloring I Spy pages for Easter plus answer sheet on pink background with text overlay

Easter Memory Matching GameFree printable Easter Memory Matching Game with 36 unique images and a total of 72 cards. You can download and start playing immediately.

top image Easter eggs, bottom image - 3 Easter memory game boards

Easter I Spy Printable – Have fun with this free Easter I Spy printable activity. 3 different sheets, 1 with religious & 2 with general Easter images plus answer key.

top image - tray of Easter cookies, bottom image - 3 colorful I Spy printables

Easter Scavenger Hunt – Looking for a fun activity for Easter day or an Easter party? This free 3-page Easter Scavenger Hunt is perfect for children of all ages.

top image - Easter eggs in a row, bottom image 3 Easter Scavenger Hunt Game boards

Planning and Organizing

How to Organize for Easter – Have you started making your holiday plans? If you haven’t don’t worry, I’ve got a bunch of tips for you on how to organize for Easter.

bright green felt rectangular basket filled with colorful plastic Easter eggs.

Organize a Holiday Meal Planner – Organize your Easter holiday meal with my free printable holiday meal planner.

holiday meal planner sheet on table next to grey box.

Tips to Transport Holiday Food – Will you be visiting family or friends for the holidays and transporting a favorite dish? These tips to transport holiday food will make it easier for you, whether you’re traveling across town or across the state.

two food carriers on table

Crafts and Gifts

Easter is a time for bright colors, joyful celebrations, and family traditions. Whether you’re looking for a fun craft to do with your kids or need some creative gift ideas, here are plenty of simple and easy Easter crafts and gifts that you can try out. Get your creativity ready as we explore some fun Easter crafts and gifts that are sure to make your holiday season even more special!

DIY Easter Gifts – A quick and easy budget craft to create an adorable gift to fill with candy or small items. Perfect for a beginning crafter.

purple can with Easter bunny image holding carrot candy.

Easy Easter Craft for Kids – A budget-friendly fun and easy Easter craft for kids using a recycled plastic can.

rabbit face craft using repurposed plastic container.

Laundry Scoop Craft for Easter – Fun laundry scoop craft for Easter using a recycled laundry scoop. Don’t throw those little scoops away, instead make decorations. A great kids’ craft.

orange plastic laundry scoop crafted into an Easter wheelbarrow.

Easter Basket Stuffers – Bunny Crayons – Make these as a craft for kids or to fill Easter baskets an a cute bunny gift.

Easter bunny paper craft in front of pink Easter basket.

Easy Frugal Easter Treats – Make these cute budget-friendly Easter treats for just pennies with items you probably already have.

overhead view of tops of three jars filled with pastel candy and bunny embellishments on the lid.

Last Minute Felt Easter Basket – Make this cute Easter basket in just a few minutes with beginning sewing skills or fabric glue.

bright green felt basket filled with colorful plastic Easter eggs.

Easy DIY Bunny Wash – Make children’s bath time or dish washing festive with this simple craft.

bottle of soap with bunny label in front of stack of green and yellow towels.

Decorating Easter Eggs

dad, young girl and mom smiling and dyeing Easter eggs.

One of the beloved, traditional Easter activities is dyeing eggs, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or messy. With a few simple ideas, you can create beautiful and unique egg designs that are easy enough for anyone to try. Whether you’re an experienced crafter or a beginner, read on for some simple ideas on how to dye your Easter eggs this year.

Dyed Egg Designs (Easy to Make) – Dyed egg designs that are easy to make with items you already have at home. Dyed Easter egg designs can be beautiful and also simple to do.

Dyed eggs with different designs in pink Easter basket

Dyed Easter Eggs from a Store Bought Kit – Simple decorating ideas for dyed eggs using store bought dye kits.

collage of 3 images of different dyed Easter egg designs.

Easy Dyed Easter Egg Design – Impress and have fun with this easy dyed egg hack. This trick makes even the least crafty person an Easter egg decorating wiz.

overhead view of dyed Easter eggs in square white bowl.

Recipes Perfect for Easter

Don’t forget about the delicious and easy-to-make Easter recipes that can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether traditional or modern, these recipes will surely impress your friends and family. From sweet treats to savory dishes, we’ve rounded up some of the simplest Easter recipes out there that you can whip up in no time. Read on to discover some mouth-watering options that are sure to impress!

Best Blueberry Pound Cake – The is the best blueberry pound cake recipe ever. Really!  It’s a staple on my brunch table and for breakfast entertaining.

loaf of blue berry pound cake sliced on white plate with sliced fruit.

Cannoli Pie – Creamy delicious pie based on the traditional Italian cannoli pastry.

slice of custard pie with raspberries on white plate with fork.

Fresh Strawberry Cookies – Make these fresh strawberry cookies as a decadent treat perfect for Valentine’s Day. Mother’s Day, anniversaries and any special occasion.

plate of chocolate drizzled fresh strawberry cookies

Easy White Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe – Make this easy white chocolate cheesecake recipe for a nostalgic no-bake treat. Making this family favorite dessert as a mini cheesecake is a fun twist on a delicious and easy-to-make recipe.

close up of white chocolate mouse dessert in silver foil cup with nuts.

Fresh and Easy Bruschetta Recipe – Flavorful easy-to-make variation of the Italian recipe for fresh chopped veggie toping for fresh baked bread.

slices of bread on white plate with chopped tomato and basil leaves.

Edamame and Artichoke Salad – A delicious healthier recipe that is as easy to make as it tasty.

square crackers on a plate with sliced lemons and colorful bean salad.

Spanakopita Spinach Feta Pie – A scrumptious Greek recipe that is perfect for Easter.

overhead view of small pastry shells filled with spinach filling on white plate.
20+ Easter Ideas that are simple and easy to do, including crafts, gifts, recipes and projects.