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Take advantage of this comprehensive resource of more than 100 free printable coloring pages. You can print these coloring sheets for kids of all ages right away, grab your favorite crayons or color pencils and get to coloring.

young boy and girl coloring with title reading 100+Free Printable Coloring Pages.

Free Printable Coloring Pages

I enjoy coloring now as an adult as much as I did as a kid. All three of my children thought it was a fun way for us to spend quality time together being creative.

How do you make a coloring book at home?

Thanks to technology, it’s really not difficult to make your own coloring book, even if you’re not talented at drawing.

  • You can draw shapes and images to create your own coloring pages. Use a black pen or marker to make the outline of the image. You can draw the image in pencil first and then out line it in black marker. Simple, bold designs are easiest to create.
    • Once you create your coloring page, scan it to keep as a printable pdf so that you can print and color the image over and over again.
  • You can print out free pdfs (like the ones below) to make coloring pages.
  • Whether you make your own cool coloring pages or use free printable pages, you can print them out on your own printer or take them to a print shop.
  • While you can print the coloring page images out on regular copy paper, it is better to use slightly heavier cardstock paper for a better coloring experience.
  • Print as many different coloring sheets as you’d like. Take them to a copy shop to be bound or bind them yourself at home:
child's hand reaching for colored pencil in cup.

Free Printable Coloring Pages

What makes free printable coloring pages great?

  • You can find wonderful coloring pages online for free-eeeeeee!
  • Coloring is a great activity for kids of all ages and adults.
  • You can print them immediately.
  • Coloring sheets can help adults relax and can help children relax and lead to a better night of sleep.
  • You can choose to use your favorite colors or colors to express your emotions.
  • Coloring is developmentally appropriate for young children and beneficial for adults.
  • Coloring is enjoyable.
  • Free coloring pages can be used over and over again by simply printing more copies.
child's hand holding colored pencil and coloring.

Coloring Pages for Kids

Christmas Coloring Pages

Free Adult Coloring Pages

Images below are clickable links for these coloring books.

cover of coloring book with pictures of fairies, mermaids, and unicorns.
cover of grayscale fairy coloring book with a butterfly fairy.
cover of coloring book with fairies, witches, and nymphs.

What’s the best website for free coloring pages?

  • A reputable site, like this one, that collects available online resources and shares them all in one spot
  • Crayola’s website – coloring pages for kids in 21 different categories
  • Crayola coloring pages for adults – 30 detailed coloring sheets
  • Just Color Kids – pages with themes of animals, education, art, movies, Disney, Anime and more
  • Fisher-Price Coloring Pages – coloring pages with the themes of animals, letters of the alphabet and Fisher-Price Little People characters.
  • Find a Free Printable – hundreds of coloring pages for both children and adults
  • National Geographic – coloring sheets with educational themes and detailed images
  • PBS Kids – coloring pages from favorite PBS shows
  • Faber-Castell – detailed coloring pages for adults broken into beginner, immediate and advanced
  • The Spruce – thousands of coloring pages for adults from simple to complex
colorful crayons in a row on a white table.

What you need to make printable coloring sheets

  • Select the pdf downloads that you want.
  • Print the coloring pages out on paper.
  • Choose whether to use as single blank coloring pages or whether you want to bind them together into a coloring book.

Expert Tips for Printing These Coloring Pages

How do I access the printables?

Fill in the form above. When you submit the form, you will immediately be sent an email from Organized 31 with a link to the VIP Resources Library, including detailed instructions on how to access your printables. If you can’t find the welcome email after 3-4 minutes, check your spam folder. If you have any difficulty, you can email me and I’ll help you resolved any problems.

How do I print the pdf file?

The pdf usually opens right up when you click on the link in the VIP Resources Library. When that happens, simply right click on the pdf and either print or save the document to your device.

If the pdf does not automatically open for you, you’ll most likely find it in your computer’s Downloads folder. You can also select “Downloads” in your browser menu to see a list of your downloads, then select “Show in folder” below the file name to see where it is located on your computer.

How can I use the printables (what restrictions are there on use)?

You can print these printable pdf files as many times as you’d like for your personal or classroom use. Please do not share the files with family, friends or coworkers. Please do share the link to this post so they can access their own copy of the printables. All printables are copyrighted.

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