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Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, kitchen organizing ideas make for a happy heart of the home. It’s important to me that organizing my kitchen is easy to do and works well for my family. An organized kitchen should save you time and frustration. It should make it easy for the rest of the family to find what they need and to put things back where they belong. I believe that you can organize for pennies or even for free by using recycled and repurposed items whenever possible. These kitchen organizing ideas are simple to implement today.

White kitchen with stainless steel appliances and black countertops with text overlay

Kitchen Organizing Ideas

Secrets to Under Sink Storage – Under the kitchen sink doesn’t have to by a dark mess of storage. With these simple secrets to under sink storage your cabinet can be organized, pretty and useful.

Side view of an organized kitchen drawer with boxes of food wrap, bottles of vitamins and straws

Organizing Kitchen Drawers for Free – Organizing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You really can organize your kitchen drawers for free and have them work perfectly for you with these tips. 

Dish Cleaning Caddy Tote Three Ways – It’s easy to create your own dish cleaning caddy tote and personalize it to match your own style and decor. I show you three simple and entirely different looks with one caddy to inspire you.

Kitchen Counter Organization Idea – Keep the clutter of glasses in your kitchen organized with this simple tip. 

Organize Under the Kitchen Sink for Free – Under the kitchen sink can become a dark, jumbled mess that gives you a headache every time you open the cabinet door. But with these easy ideas, you can organize under the kitchen sink for free. No more frustrations and no more mess. 

Kitchen Storage Drawers – And Why You Want Them – Having kitchen storage drawers are the very best organization tool in the kitchen. I share the reasons you want to have as many storage drawers as you can and a peek into my new kitchen full of storage drawers.

Check out my interview where I share simple ways to organize your kitchen for free with repurposed items and how to get your kids to help keep the kitchen organized.

Kitchen Organizing Tips

Free Tips for an Organized Kitchen – Organizing your kitchen can be complicated and expensive or you can use my free tips for an organized kitchen. It’s your choice. 

6 Tips for an Organize Pantry and Food Cabinet – An organized kitchen makes your day-to-day llife much easier. These easy-to-use tips for an organized pantry are inexpensive and make a big impact.

5 Organization Tips for the Kitchen – These tried and true organization tips for the kitchen will help you organize your kitchen and make it work for your unique situation and needs. 

Purging Tips – Kitchen Utensils – A big part of organizing the kitchen is decluttering. These purging tips for kitchen utensils will get you started making more room for the items you really need in your kitchen. 

10 Organization Tips for Kitchen Utensils – Keeping your spatulas, spoons & other utensils neat can be tough, but you’ll find something to work in these organization tips for kitchen utensils.

Pantry Organization – 13 pantry organization tips, my favorite products and DIY ideas all combine to help you make your pantry organization work for your unique needs and space.

How to Have a Clutter-Free Kitchen – It really is possible to have and maintain a clutter-free kitchen, regardless of how big or small your kitchen is. These simple tips will make it reality. 

Purging Tips – The Junk Drawer – Use these purging tips for the junk drawer to tackle the bugaboo organizing challenge for most kitchens. These tips help you declutter and purge in just 10 minutes. 

How to Make Your Own Kitchen Labels – Making labels for your pantry and kitchen can be simple and not expensive with these 7 simple ideas. 

How to Organize Pots and Pans – 11 tips to organize pots and pans that work for a variety of kitchen styles & budgets. Practical ideas you can use to organize your kitchen today.

How to Create a Healthy, Organized Pantry – Encouraging healthy eating habits is easier when you know how to create a healthy, organized pantry with these simple tips. 

Top Kitchen Organizing Ideas from 2015 – My top most popular kitchen organizing tips and ideas for the entire year. 

Organized drawer in refrigerator with cheese, lunch meat and storage containers.

5 Free Tips for an Organized Refrigerator – It’s simple to keep an organized fridge that will stay that way with these free tips for an organized refrigerator. Your entire family can use these tips so that you’re able to keep your fridge neat and organized. 

10 Tips for an Organized Pantry – Knowing what’s in your pantry and being able to locate it easily makes cooking so much more efficient and pleasant. These tips for an organized pantry will save your sanity and save you money. 

4 Tips to Organize Spices – If you’re looking for a quick organizing project that you can tackle today, this is the one for you. These 4 tips to organize spices have worked for me for years and in many, many houses (I’ve moved into more than 20 houses in my lifetime!). 

Tips for Organizing Dishes and Dishwasher Detergent – You use your dishes every single day. These tips for organizing dishes and detergent will help keep your kitchen running smoothly day in and day out. 

Spring Organizing Tea with Repurposed Packaging – Are you a tea drinker? Organizing tea with repurposed packaging is an inexpensive and creative way to straighten up your cabinets and kitchen. 

Organize Your Kitchen for Free with Repurposed Items – You can organize your kitchen with items you already have or repurpose and it won’t cost you a penny.  Really. I share ideas that I use to organize my kitchen for free with repurposed items. 

Organizing and Storing Your Spices – Keeping all those small bottles and packages of spices organized makes cooking so much easier. These simple tips for organizing and storing your spices will make a big impact on the next meal you prepare. 

Organizing My Kitchen with Repurposed Packaging – You’ll be surprised at how many items that were headed for the recycle bin can be used to organize your kitchen for free. 

3 glass jars with trail mix and diy food labels.

Trail Mix Labels – Make Your Own – Using pretty labels in your pantry makes organizing more personal and fun. Learn how to make your own trail mix labels and create your own magazine-worthy pantry. 

How to Care for Granite – Knowing how to care for your granite countertops and stone counters will protect your investment and keep them looking beautiful. 

Planning and Laying Out Your Kitchen

Moving into a New Home? How to Set Up Your Kitchen – I’ve moved into more than 20 homes and have picked up some tips when it comes to setting up a new kitchen

How to Layout Your Kitchen – Taking the time to plan how to layout your kitchen and organize it will give you the perfectly functioning kitchen for your needs and situation. 

How to Organize Your Kitchen Layout – Different kitchen layouts necessitate different organizing strategies. 

How to Reorganize a Kitchen – I share my day helping J. reorganize her kitchen and she’s thrilled with the results. 

Organizing K’s Kitchen Pantry – Helping K. organize her kitchen pantry has improved her family’s daily meal preparation greatly. 

Kitchen Organizing Ideas for Back-to-School

overhead view of organized kitchen drawer with school lunch box supplies

Kid’s Lunch Checklist  – Encourage your children’s independence with this Kid’s Lunch Checklist. It’s a free printable that helps your children prepare their own lunches each day. 

Organized Lunchbox Drawer that’s Earth-Friendly – An organized lunchbox drawer makes school mornings run so much more smoothly. It’s easy to have an earth-friendly organization with these ideas. 

Getting Ready for School – Lunch Boxes – See how I set up our kitchen so that getting ready for school and prepping lunch boxes was a breeze each morning. 

Kitchen Organizing Products

Favorite Made in America Organizing Products – 85+ recommend organizing products for the kitchen and the entire home and they’re all made in America!

All-American Kitchen Organizing – I love using products that are Made in the USA when I organize. These are my favorite American Made kitchen organizing items. 

Made in America Kitchen Products – Kitchen organizing is even better when you use products that are Made in the USA!

Simple Pantry Organization – Made in the USA – Keeping the pantry organized is simple with these Made in the USA products. 

View of white kitchen cabinets, black granite counters and stainless steel appliances with text overlay