S’mores Cereal Snack Mix Recipe

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A delicious and super easy-to-make s’mores cereal snack mix recipe that is my family’s favorite treat.

large white bowl of cereal snack mix with marshmallows, chocolate drizzle and colorful candies

This time of year always makes me think of moving. Maybe it’s because I’ve moved over 30 times in my young life. I grew up as a military child, I was then on active duty myself and now I’m married to an active duty military member, so my entire life has involved moving. Almost all of the moves occurred in the spring or early summer. So while spring flowers and warm weather mean gardening and baseball to many folks, it means moving to me.  Every move was an adventure that we faced together as a family, together with love and our family’s favorite S’mores Cereal Snack Mix recipe that is perfect for adventurers of all ages. 

3 young children with backpacks walking through airport
young boy sitting in open wood Moving Crate

My children have moved over ten times in their young lives and every move, but one, was in the spring. All three of my children have moved within the first year of their life, with one of them moving three months before he was even born! My children know all about moving. And they have been troopers through every single move. We’ve always treated moving as an adventure with a focus on looking forward rather than looking back. Of course, it’s natural to be sad and miss the friends you’re leaving, but we always focused on being together as a family facing a new journey. And, of course, being able to play around in a giant moving crate makes it even more fun to move. 

young woman unloading boxes from car into laundry cart

I know exactly how to move a family of five, a dog and leopard gecko across the country and even the world without breaking (much of) a sweat. But this spring is throwing me for a loop. My oldest “baby” is planning on staying at college over the summer for an internship. So this spring rather than our family is moving together and facing a new adventure together, my baby is moving and facing her adventure on her own. (Can you hear the mama emotion in my voice?) It’s an exciting time for my baby and a new (confusing) chapter for me this spring. I’m so happy for her and excited for her new adventure, but I can’t help being the one looking back on sweet memories.

If you’re a friend, you’re not surprised that I’m already planning a series of care packages to send to my baby. Lucky for me Cheerios™ Buy a Box. Give a Free Box offer is going on right now so I can send my baby her own box in conjunction with a have-a-good-morning care package that I already have planned. I grew up on Cheerios™ and so did my children. How sweet are chubby little baby fingers struggling to pick up little cereal rings as they learn to feed themselves?! Even to this day my entire family love Cheerios™ –  just look at our pantry shelf. 

Right now you can purchase a box of Cheerios™ at Walmart, scan the QR code and fill out an E-card online for a friend (or your baby) to open and redeem a week later at their local Walmart for a free box of Cheerios™. How thoughtful and how easy! I’m sending the free box to my baby because I know she’ll be happy we’re thinking of her, I know she’ll be happy to have her favorite cereal for breakfast and it will remind her of our family’s traditional S’mores Cereal Snack Mix recipe that we always made for springtime moves. 

small plastic containers filled with cereal snack mix, 2 with lids and 2 with lids off

I like to whip up a big batch of our S’mores Cereal Snack Mix recipe and package it in individual sized containers for traveling.  It’s easy to adapt this snack recipe for different ages and preferences. For young children, I simply use the dry cereal and a few marshmallows. For older children, I doctor the snack mix up with drizzled almond bark, drizzled chocolate and fun sprinkles. If the weather is exceptionally hot, I leave out the chocolate and stick with the other ingredients.  Every version is always a hit and it’s perfect for snackers and movers of all ages. 

S’Mores Cereal Snack Mix Recipe


5 Cups Dry Cereal – Cheerios™ is my family’s favorite

4 Cups Golden Grahams Cereal

3 Cups Mini Marshmallows

2 Cups Mini Chocolate Chips

9 oz Almond Bark

overhead view of Cheerios Snack Mix Ingredients on white table

9 oz Milk Chocolate Candy Bars

Step 1 – Mix all the dry ingredients together. Spread out on wax paper or cookie sheets. 

Step 2 – Melt the almond bark and milk chocolate in the microwave. I melt it at 20 second intervals, stirring after each time until it is melted. 

Step 3 –  Drizzle the melted almond bark and milk chocolate over the snack mix. Add sprinkles if you’d like. 

collage of 4 steps of mixing up Cereal Snack Mix Recipe

Step 4 – Let the snack mix sit until the almond bark and chocolate harden. Break into chunks and store in air-tight containers. While S’mores Cereal Snack Mix is perfect for traveling, a big bowlful is perfect for family movie night, too.

Cereal Snack Mix in large white bowl

You can find specially marked boxes of  Buy a Box. Give a Free Box Cheerios™ exclusively at Walmart in the cereal aisle. I was there picking up other items for my baby’s care package. Yes, I’m focused on celebrating my baby’s first independent move any way I can.  

I just finished mixing up a big batch of S’mores Cereal Snack mix to send to my baby as she prepares for her first move on her own (and I made extra for this nostalgic mama and the rest of my family to enjoy here at home). Who do you know to give a sentimental box of free cereal and a big batch of my S’mores Cereal Snack Mix recipe?

close up of bowl of DIY snack mix with chocolate and candies

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  1. First off, this snack looks delicious. Cheerios have been in our house since before my daughter was born. It was my choice for breakfast for many years. I know it is hard to watch our babies grow and move away – it is the way it is supposed to be and what we, as parents, want for our children. That doesn’t make it any easier.

  2. I cannot even begin to fathom moving as frequently has your family has. Although, it must make for some amazing memories together (and obviously a great s’mores recipe)! Our family has favored Cheerios™ as well – and my personal favorite has always been Honey Nut Cheerios™. It’s amazing how many memories I have that are connected to that cereal. #client

  3. I love s’mores! And I love making s’mores cereal mixes for my students when we share stories around our classroom “campfire”. It’s always so much fun for the students.

  4. You know I am always looking for care package ideas! I know this s’mores snack mix is going to be a big hit if I can manage to send it before his younger siblings eat it all. 🙂

  5. Cheerios are so iconic – my two year old Granddaughter insists on her cup of them every day. I follow her around and pick up the trail…I would be afraid to have this mix in the house. i would eat the whole bowl by myself!

    1. lol, Monica. I picture you following your granddaughter around with a happy smile on your face picking up the Cheerios trail. 🙂

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