Day 14 – Decluttering Workout or Yard Work Clothes

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Originally published January 14, 2016 and updated January 2018 and January 2024.

Welcome to Day 14 of 31 the Days of 10-minute Decluttering Tips Challenge.  We’ve been working together for two weeks! Let’s pause a moment to congratulate each other.  Today we’ll be working on our workout clothes or yard work clothing. This should be a relatively easy day because most choices should be rational not emotional ones. Remembering that our goal is to clear clutter from our home so that we can better enjoy life will help keep us focused. 

4 images of people exercising and gardening with text overlay reading 10-Minute Decluttering Workout & Gardening Clothing

Workout clothes and yard work clothes tend to pile up like yesterday’s purging items. We just don’t think about taking the time to purge workout or yard work clothes. Shrug. They’re just there when we need them and we don’t think about them the rest of the day. But today we’re making time to not just think about them, but also to go through them and purge the items we don’t need. 

Grab the 6 purging bags you created earlier and your free printable Purging Clutter Checklist   Now, let’s head to the closet or dresser (or both) to sort through whichever category you’ve chosen. 

Clearing Clutter – Tips for Workout or Yard Work Clothes

yoga class stretching

Take Everything Out- Keep in mind that we’re doing this in 10 minutes, so we’ll only be working on one category – choose either workout clothes or yard work clothes to go through. Pull everything in your chosen category out.  Lay the items you take out on a table, bed or the floor.

Group Like Items Together – Quickly group like items together. Place all shorts or pants together. Place all summer-weight shirts together and winter-weight shirts together. Place clothing items into categories that make sense for your use. 

Evaluate – Look at each group you’ve created. Remove any torn or stained items (you can keep a stained yard work item only if you can justify that it is useful to you). You may only keep torn or stained items if you will repair or clean them in the next week, otherwise they’re outta here. Are there any categories you don’t use or need anymore (have you given up any sports or hired a yard service)? Are there items that no longer fit? Have those items fit in the last 6 months? If not, they need to go. 

woman carrying baskets in garden

Purge – Remove items you don’t need to keep and place them in one of your 6 purging bags. Before you throw clothing away, look closely at them for donation. Jeans, tee-shirts, sweatshirts and work shirts are in high demand at thrift stores. If the item is unwearable or has a really gross stain (shudder), then it needs to go. But otherwise, donate the items and let the charitable organization decide because they best know what can be used by their customers (often they sell damaged items for rags and make some money for the charity). 

Put Everything Away – Put the items you’ve decided to keep back away.

More Exercise and Yard Work Clothes Tips

With a family of 5 that includes 2 hockey players, 2 soccer players and a one committed to exercise, I’ve figured out tips to wash smelly workout clothes that work for us. 

black shelves of hockey equipment.

Learning tips for folding and filing clothes will help keep your clothing neatly organized. 

t-shirts folded and filed in dresser drawer with title text reading File Your Clothes to Make More Room in Your Drawer

Do you know how to fold socks 4 different ways? One of these will work like magic for you. 

6 pairs of socks folded different ways with title text overlay reading How to Fold Socks 4 Different Ways

Exercise and Gardening Clothing Organizing Products

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You want items that offer flexibility and versatility in their design. Look for storage solutions that can easily accommodate varying sizes of athletic wear or gardening clothign.

Pay attention to the item’s accessibility and ease of use – you want items that make retrieving your favorite workout gear a breeze.

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Fourteen days down and only seventeen more days and tasks to work through. Be sure to treat yourself (but not by buying anything!) today for all the hard work you’ve done the past two weeks. Then be sure to join me tomorrow for Day Fifteen in the 31 Days of 10-Minute Purging Tips challenge. Let’s purge some more so you can enjoy life more.

Find all my decluttering tips, printables and challenges in the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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  1. Good one! Workout clothes can get a bit “used”:) I have an old pair of shorts and a t-shirt that I paint in… I keep them around because every now and then I paint, but if someone saw me in them, ugh!

  2. I don’t have any special yard work or work out clothes. I just wear my every day sweatpants when I do those activities. I do like the way you folded the tshirts to make more room in the drawer and so you can see the logo without making a mess.

    1. Folding the shirts and then filing them really does make it easy to keep your drawers neat and tidy, Brenda. It saves time finding the exact shirt you want, too.

  3. Haha, I really can relate to the clothes I wear while drawing and Painting. I have been doing that for too long and I dedicated many of my clothes for it. I don’t bother washing them But every now and then I am like, Hey What are you doing you must wear good clothes, and then I am like shut up inner voice I am painting. lol

    1. Too funny, Diana. I can see having *some* painting outfits, but I’m not sure how many *some* should be. šŸ™‚

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