How to Print on Sticky Notes

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 I’m not sure how the world survived before sticky notes. I use sticky notes to keep track of to do tasks and as reminder notes. I’m very protective of my stock of pretty sticky notes because I’m so reliant on using sticky notes to keep organized and to motivate.

I created my own Daily To Do List Printable for sticky notes that I use every day. I have terrible handwriting and want to be able to print out pretty notes and reminders. I figured out how to print on sticky notes and it’s really easy to do. Really. 

open planner with colorful sticky notes with computer printed notes with title text overlay reading How to Print on Sticky Notes it's easy with a basic computer & printer

I can remember when Post-It Notes first came out. It was revolutionary. Even though back then they only came in pale yellow, they were still ah-mazing! Now sticky notes are available in so many different sizes and colors. I get a bit giddy even thinking about it. 

Recently, I wanted to print out my own text on sticky notes to use. That was my motivation to figure out how to print on sticky notes for myself.

How to Print on Sticky Notes


Sticky Notes You can use any size, but it’s easiest to use 3×3 or 4×4 inch notes when you’re first starting.

One Sheet of Printer Paper I reuse oops paper and recycle it. You’re only printing on it as a guide for where to place your sticky notes, so you can use recycled paper.


Word Processing Program


Make your personalized sticky notes work perfectly in your favorite planner. Mine is the Happy Planner, but my sister-in-law loves the Erin Condren planner

screenshot of computer screen with arrows pointing to margins

Format your word processing document in two columns the width of your sticky note. Make sure you can see both of the rulers for your document.

Type your text and make sure that it fits within the dimensions of your sticky notes. My sticky notes were 3 inches by 3 inches, so I made sure my text remained in that area.

 Repeat your text so that it covers the paper. Remember to stay within your sticky note dimensions. Check that several times before you hit print. 

printed sheet with quote repeated in grid pattern and several colorful sticky notes to the side

Print your document out on your page. Double-check again to make sure that the printed area fits within your sticky note area. 

colorful sticky notes placed on top of the quotes printed on piece of paper

Place your sticky notes over the printed area. Stick each row onto the bottom of the previous sticky note to help hold it in place. When you reach the last sticky note, use a small piece of tape to hold the bottom of the last sticky note in place. 

Place your sticky note paper into your printer and print out your document.

open planner with colorful printed sticky notes and purple pen

Voila! You now have your own note printed out on your sticky notes

I think I’ve found a new addiction. It’s so easy to do. It takes approximately 5-10 minutes. And once you’ve figured out how to set up the spacing on your first document, writing new notes will go much more quickly. Who knew that printing on sticky notes could be so easy?

image of colorful printable daily to do list checklist

Check out the Daily To Do List Printable for sticky notes that I created for you and me. I use these daily and lo-ove them. You can print out your own on sticky notes right now and start using them today. 

I can’t wait to create more of my own personalized notes for all kinds of uses. I’m so excited now that I know how to print on sticky notes.

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  1. I would have never thought to print on sticky notes. I love this idea. I have recently began to use more sticky notes as reminders. This would work perfectly for me..

  2. Neat idea! I never thought of printing on sticky notes. I have a friend who uses sticky notes for his calendar… I bet he would love this. Sometimes you just want the note to look professional, right?

  3. I am kind of obsessed with post-its! I use a ridiculous amount of them, and make no apologizes, haha. I love this idea of printing on them — thanks for the tutorial!

  4. This is a fantastic idea. When I working corporately I used Outlook Calendar to keep track of meetings etc. But tasks and deadline were Iput in a more portable paper calendar.

    Now that I am blogging I rely totally on my Paper Calendar, this is an awesome idea. Pinning. Thank you for the share.

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