DIY Laundry Bag

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As we’ve been getting my daughter ready to head off to her first year of college, I realized that some items are best purchased and some items are best made by mama.  This easy diy laundry bag uses repurposed pillow cases and is much stronger than a purchased laundry bag.

DIY Laundry Bag - Organized 31

I found these cute king size pillow cases on sale at Target, but you could easily use thrifted ones or one you already have.  A king size pillow case is the perfect size for a laundry bag.  You could use a standard size pillow case, but it would be a bit small for most college students’ use.  I  purchased coordinating cording from the fabric store, but you could use an old shoe lace or cording you already have.

DIY Laundry Bag - Organized 31

Wash both pillow cases.  Turn one inside out and place it inside the first.  Be sure to line the side seams and the bottom corners up well. Using 2 pillow cases makes the laundry bag much stronger (remember how much laundry you used to stuff in your college laundry bag?) and makes it pretty both inside and out.

DIY Laundry Bag - Organized 31

Sew 2 seams about an inch apart around the top of the pillow cases.  Be sure to leave about a 3/4 ” opening on the side of the top seam so that you can insert the cording.

DIY Laundry Bag - Organized 31

Use a safety-pin to thread the cording through the bag to create a drawstring.  Knot the end of each side of the cording and then knot both pieces together so they don’t slip through the bag.

DIY Laundry Bag - Organized 31

Voila!  In less than 15 minutes, you have a diy laundry bag that is both strong and pretty or cool (your choice).  You can easily coordinate it with your bedding or interests.

DIY Laundry Bag - Organized 31

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  1. I really love this idea and wish I would have thought about it 4 years ago! My daughter has gone through 3 of the purchased laundry baskets! These are cuter than the ones you buy at the store too!

  2. Hi Susan,

    This is a great idea for college kids. So easy too. Can’t wait to tell mine.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. So glad to have found this tutorial! I am on the “sunshine committee” for the students from my church who are away at college. These laundry bags will be a fun, easy-to-make, and useful gift to give them at the start of the school year. šŸ™‚

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