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I have a confession.  This crafting mama had never tie-dyed before.  Can you believe it?!  What if I told you that this crafting mama is also an organizing and bit-of-a-neat-freak mama?  Happily, this summer I’ve discovered how easy and fun it can be to Tie Dye Your Summer  and create teen & tween tie-dye fashion items.Teen & Tween Tie Dye Fashion - Organized 31 #tiedyeyoursummer # sponsored

 Being the controlling neat freak busy mama that I am, I had never tried tie-dyeing with my kids before.   Thanks to Tulip Tie-Dye for this amazing kit of supplies and for introducing my kids and me to the fun and new family addiction that is tie dye.Teen & Tween Tie Dye Fashion - Organized 31 #tiedyeyoursummer # sponsored

Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye is America’s favorite tie dye.


The great thing about tie-dye is that 3 different children with different tastes (and who don’t want to wear matching clothes) can create entirely different clothes that are perfect for school.  And from the mom’s point of view, it’s the perfect way to spend some fun family time together with no complaining, lots of giggling and lot of creativity (isn’t that a crafting mama’s dream?)

After reading the information sheet and studying the Tulip blog, each of my kids chose a different technique for their shirts. 


Large One-Step Tie-Dye Kit (everything you need is in each kit)

2 men’s large t-shirts and 1 child’s large t-shirt

Vinyl crafting tablecloth (to protect your work area)

Plastic vegetable bags (to put the dyed t-shirts in)

Lots of paper towels (for the neat freak mamas out there)


My oldest chose to dye stripes onto her shirt and cut to it suit her style.Teen & Tween Tie Dye Fashion - Organized 31 #tiedyeyoursummer # sponsored

She likes to wear large-sized and unique tee-shirts that she’s cropped to fit her.  She’s in love with her new  tie-dyed shirt.Teen & Tween Tie Dye Fashion - Organized 31 #tiedyeyoursummer # sponsored

My youngest daughter wanted to go with the iconic swirl tie-dye pattern.  It’s easy to make the swirl pattern following directions in the tie-dye kit.  Simply swirl the shirt fabric starting in the middle, add rubber bands to hold the donut together and die each section made by the rubber bands a different color.Teen & Tween Tie Dye Fashion - Organized 31 #tiedyeyoursummer # sponsored

She prefers to roll the sleeves up and gather it at the waist in the back with a rubber band so it’s a bit more fitted.Teen & Tween Tie Dye Fashion - Organized 31 #tiedyeyoursummer # sponsored

My son has always been interested in anything science related so he wanted to experiment with his tie dye technique.

He bunched small amounts of the tee-shirt and held them in place with rubber bands.  He dyed the bunched parts orange and the rest of the shirt he dyed in stripes.Teen & Tween Tie Dye Fashion - Organized 31 #tiedyeyoursummer # sponsored

I was hesitant about using the black dye, but it turned out really cool. It turned out looking a bit like the cosmos – perfect for a science-loving tween boy.Teen & Tween Tie Dye Fashion - Organized 31 #tiedyeyoursummer # sponsored

The kids had so much fun with tie-dye that they’ve been planning their next teen & tween tie-dye fashion projects, including tie-dyeing a large thrifted man’s oxford shirt and turning it into a belted dress (coming soon).  This mama discovered that with the one-step tie-dye kit, it’s really not too messy and the dyes are permanent so they don’t fade in the wash.  I learned a bunch of tips that will make next time even easier, so I’m happy to share another family afternoon of tie-dyeing soon.

For more ideas and tips check out Tulip Tie-Dye on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and their blog.Teen & Tween Tie Dye Fashion - Organized 31 #tiedyeyoursummer # sponsored



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  1. Hi Susan – I have to admit, I love tie dye, but it’s been since I was a kid since I’ve actually made my own tie dye t-shirt. How much fun for a family project for each kid to customize their own shirts and also what a fun memory for your oldest to take along to college. Hugs, Holly

    1. Holly, we did create a fun family memory (in addition to cool tee-shirts). We’ll be making more really soon.

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