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white bin with purple letter A holding a jean jacket and orange folder stacked on top of white bin with blue letter S holding black gloves and earbuds

My oldest “baby” is headed back to college this month. She asked for my help with getting her smaller-than-last-year college dorm room. We chatted a bit about her challenges and needs for organizing her dorm room this year and came up with this easy college organizing tip and it only cost $2.

My “baby” will have one other roommate in a teeny tiny dorm room this year (like most college students). Isn’t it crazy that we pay a lot of money to house our “babies” in substandard housing when we send them away to college?  My daughter’s room is going to be so small that every square inch of clear space will be valuable. She asked me what she and her roommate could do to handle when the other one leaves their belongings laying around. She didn’t really want to just throw it on each other’s beds to get the items out of the way. She figured if they did that, the items would end up back on the floor and it would become and endless circle of moving the items around. 

2 white plastic bins stacked with 2 blue letter S and 2 purple letter A on table next to sheets of blue and purple vinyl

After talking with my “baby” about different organizing solutions, we came up with this easy college organizing idea. A quick trip to our local dollar store to purchase these two plastic bins and some letter stickers or vinyl and in minutes we solved the college dorm room organizing issue and it only cost $2!

sideview of 2 white plastic bins, one with a blue letter A and one with a purple letter A

I used my Cricut to cut vinyl letters out for each of the girls’ intials. We used colors that complimented each girls’ bedding.

overhead view of a white plastic bin with a blue letter S on one corner

I placed a letter on opposite corners of the bin so that you can see who the bin belongs to no matter which way the bin is turned.

2 white plastic bins filled with coats and gloves and the other with binders and earbuds. One has a purple letter A and the other a blue letter S

My “baby” and her roommate can simply toss items left out into each other’s bin. That way they can keep the room straightened up and each girl can put her own belongings away from her own bin.

2 white plastic bins filled with coats, gloves and binders

As my “baby” packing for college to head back this month, we’re also able to use these bins to pack her things in for the trip. Once she moves into her dorm room, she can take advantage of this easy college organizing tip.  What tips do you have to keep a dorm room straightened up?

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  1. Susan, what a great idea and so frugal too! I think the addition of color coordinated initials is really smart. I have to admit, my daughter was a mess in college – so were her roommates so I don’t think any one of them minded. I worked hard to be quiet about it when I went to visit! I wish I had seen this tip back them!

    1. That sounds like me, Cynthia, working hard to be quiet about my children’s mess. This time my daughter asked me to help her solve the messy problem so I’m one happy mama.

  2. You always seem to come up with a clever organizing tip. This would great for the messy people at home too. I normally just throw all the odds and ends laying around into one basket so the owners can put them back where they belong. This system will work great. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You’re right, Darlene, using this system would keep mama from having to scold about stuff being left all over the house. I like it!

  3. The secret is to take as little as possible. Less to worry about (getting lost and stolen), and less to transport.

    1. As I’m in the middle of taking my “baby’s” stuff to college right now, you are speaking wisdom, Anna!

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