Mom Approved “SNACKATION” Choices

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For many families, summertime means vacation time. For my family, this summer has been filled with college-focused trips. Last month we took a week-long trip to visit colleges in the Midwest with my second “baby.”  Seven days of traveling over a thousand miles meant that this mama packed lots of #Snackation snacks to take with us. As soon as we returned from our college tours trip, we began focusing on packing my oldest “baby” to return to college. College. College. College (said in my best Jan Brady voice). With all these trips, I’ve been focused on finding mom approved “SNACKATION” choices for my traveling family members and for the family members remaining at home.Mom Approved "SNACKATION" choices that will make mom and family happy. #Snackation [ad]

Even if I want to try to forget that my summer is all about sending my “babies” off to college, I can’t. There are piles of college brochures laying everywhere and piles of schtuff that needs to be packed up for the big trip back to college for my oldest next week. With college on my mind 24-7, I’m also focused on ways to take care of my “babies,” provide them with good choices and save money at the same time. Mom Approved "SNACKATION" choices that will make mom and family happy. #Snackation [ad]

We headed to Walmart (many times) to purchase travel supplies, college supplies and #Snackation snacks.  I needed to purchase snacks for traveling and also mom approved snacks for familymembers that stayed home. In both situations, I wanted to make sure we saved money (for three college educations) by having snacks available rather than giving into impulse snack purchasing and had snack choices that I approved rather than impulse buying junk food snacks.Mom Approved "SNACKATION" choices that will make mom and family happy. #Snackation [ad]

Some of my favorite mom approved #Snackation snacks that my family loves to eat are:

Smucker’s Uncrustables

Jif Chocolate Flavored Hazelnut Spread and Smucker’s Strawberry Jam Sandwiches 

Fresh Fruit

Dried Fruit (our family’s favorites are raisins, dried cranberries and dried apricots)

Jif To Go Dippers with Pretzels

Jif Whips with Animal Crackers


Granola BarsMom Approved "SNACKATION" choices that will make mom and family happy. #Snackation [ad]

While we continue to pack my oldest “baby” up to return to college, I’ll find a way to sneak some yummy and mom approved snacks into her boxes so she’ll have a my-mom-loves-me surprise when she unpacks all by herself this year at college (can you hear the sad mom face in my voice?).Packing, Moving & Storing Shoes - Organized 31

Knowing that my family really does enjoy these mom approved SNACKATION choices makes it easy to make them happy and keeps mama happy at the same time. What are your favorite #Snackation snacks?Mom Approved "SNACKATION" choices that will make mom and family happy. #Snackation [ad]

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  1. Susan, I remember those days so well! There is so much to pack and try to remember. Having snacks that your daughter can get to easily while unpacking will be so good for her.

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