Tuna Box CD & DVD Holder

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Am I the only one that sees an empty box, falls in love with its shape and then holds onto it for 3 months until I figure out the perfect use for it? I know I’m not the only one…. right?   Let me show you how to make your own recycled tuna box organizer for free. 
a recycled box turned into a holder for cds with title text reading Tuna Box Organizer
an empty StarKist tuna salad box

I was at the grocery store about 3 months ago and saw this empty box on the shelf.  It’s a box that holds pouches of tuna on the grocery store shelf. 

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 I still don’t know exactly what about it made me think that I just had to take it home, but something about its shape and size made me pick it up.  I knew I’d find the perfect organizing use for it I just had to percolate on it.   
The tuna box  sat in my basement for about 2 months, until I was straightening up my computer desk.  Then I realized it would be perfect to hold those CDs and DVDs that I need in my office. 
I had the perfect wrapping paper already at home.   I had just gotten it at Target and I love that it looks like old newspaper print.  When I bought it I figured it would be perfect for some future craft project in addition to being the perfect wrapping paper for my family of book lovers. 
empty StarKist tuna salad box on a roll of newsprint wrapping paper
It was super quick and easy to cut the paper to size, wrap it around my box and use a glue stick to attach the paper. 
a box being wrapped with newsprint wrapping paper
a blue arrow pointing to the ribbed insert in a StarKist Tuna Salad box
 I left the insert in the box to help hold the CD cases in place.
cds in a recycled box

It looks great on my bookshelf and my computer “stuff” is easily accessible.

 This recycled tuna box organizer took me about 10 minutes (and it took that long because I had to keep stopping and helping my son with his math homework) and cost nothing.  Yep, NOTHING.  Even better, it saved a box from the landfill and kept me from buying something plastic to hold those CDs.
a recycled box turned into a holder for cds with title text reading Tuna Box Organizer

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  1. this is amusing, b/c i have been keeping a box this size that i got a package in. it seems like if it was covered in something else, i’d totally buy it, so why throw it out?!

  2. Great idea! And, yes, I do the same thing! I find things that are about to be thrown away and say, “I could probably re-purpose this for something”, and then rarely actually do! Then what’s worse, by the time I decide to go ahead and toss it after it’s been sitting around for months, I think of a brilliant idea that I could’ve used it for! Ah, the irony!!!

    1. Jessica, I have a pile of stuff in my basement (small-ish pile, not crazy big pile) of stuff I think I’ll find a use for some day. Often I don’t and it gets recycled, but sometime I do (tuna box is case in point) and sometimes friends ask me for unusual items that I just happen to have. Oops, did I just share one of many quirks?

      Thanks for the invite to your party. Enjoyed your Flash Card Garland idea!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Sweet Saturday blog hop. I love this idea… I’m going to share it with my college kids so that they can get a little bit better organized. Actually, I’m going to make it for them when I go to visit!

    1. One of my favorite things to do is help organize my kids (talk about Mom “bein’ all in my stuff”). Have fun!

  4. What a great find! Love how it turned out, such a cool idea.
    Keep up the amazing work šŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing at Artsy Corner!

  5. That is a great idea! I just used an old box to hold magazines. Old boxes do come in handy.

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