Things to Make with Extra Paper

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Things to Make with Extra Paper

Turn Envelopes into File Folders

Ran out of file folders? Reuse old envelopes. It works well with light cardboard mailing envelopes.

Simply cut off the envelope’s short ends, turn it inside out, then cut a two-centimeter-wide strip off the edge of one of the sides. Presto! An instant file folder.

You may also use card stock paper if you want to create special folders for your personal files. Using different colors and patterns of paper will make your files stand out and be easily distinguishable from your regular files.

Weave Paper Baskets and Boxes out of Old Newsprint

Paper baskets are surprisingly easy to make. Round, rectangular, or tapered, you can weave colorful baskets out of papers to store anything from pens to food. You only need a few basic crafting tools: glue, adhesive tape, cardboard or thick paper, and your old papers.

Depending on the design and weave you decide to make, there are different patterns to follow. But don’t sweat. You can easily find instructional videos and step-by-step guides online like this one.

Cut Old Paper as Cage Liner

Instead of buying liners to keep your pet’s cage comfy and moisture-free, why not use papers instead? Collect old papers and cut them to the desired size. Store them away in an organizer or shoebox. This way, you don’t only save yourself a few dollars; you also effectively recycle clutter.

Magazines for Kids’ Craft Projects

diy paper flowers on white table

Use colorful magazine pages to create easy magazine flowers to decorate packages, vases and parties. This is a great craft project to make with children. Even young children can make these fun flowers with a little assistance. 

Shred Various Paper Types for a Hamster Bedding

For this project, it’s wise to use unused white paper because ink can be hazardous to your pet’s health if your hamster decides to eat his bedding. You can also use tissue paper. Using white paper also allows you to easily detect if your hamster has health issues.

There are detailed steps on how to make a hamster bedding using old paper. While shredding old paper to make bedding also works, that can dampen easily and potentially cause moisture problems in the cage.

Recycle Old Papers as Note Pads

Make your own grocery pad or doodle pads.  Many people decide to throw out printed papers. But as you may have noticed, the prints are usually only on one side. You can use the blank side to make grocery lists or doodle or scratch pads.

Simply cut the paper into quarters or to any desired size, then use a cardboard or any thick paper for a sturdy back, and a clip a clamp on top. You may also use boxes to hold the slips of paper. This way, you can easily take individual sheets out.

Use Old Newspapers for Sparkling Windows

Using old newspapers to clean windows is a great hack to get rid of paper clutter while minimizing your laundry at the same time. This trick is also guaranteed to get really clean, sparkly windows.

Use your favorite glass cleaner in a squirt bottle. Apply the solution to the window, then wipe with the newspaper. And voilà! The best cleaning hack for sparkling windows ever.

Paper Wreath

Upcycled Book Page Wreath hung with red bow

Create an upcycled book page wreath for home decor or holiday decorations. You can use recycled book pages, magazine pages or any type of paper. 

Use Paper Junk as Seedling Starters

Starting your own home garden is a great idea to fill your diet with fresh produce. While experimenting with different types of plants, you may want to start with a few indoor species. For this purpose, you don’t have to specifically purchase small pots. Simply resize cartons and boxes, or make use of tissue paper rolls.

Buy good-quality potting soil and distribute that into your recycled seedling starters. Transplanting the seedlings later on is easier since paper is biodegradable.

Use Toilet Paper Rolls to Organize Cables

There is an abundance of ways one can recycle tissue paper rolls. You can turn them into pretty desk organizers, a phone holder, even a study pillar for a decent desk shelf.

Another great hack for tissue rolls is to use them as cable or junk organizers. Their shape and small size work perfectly for solving the familiar problem of tangled cables. They’re also great for storing the cables themselves. Use a shoebox to store the toilet paper rolls of cables neatly.

I love repurposing items. The creative challenge and saving the landfill motivates me. What things to make with extra paper do you like to create?

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  1. I like to recycle paper to make note pads. I save paper that we only printed on one side, and when I need extra paper to write notes on, I just cut up a piece of the scratch paper. I need to try using a newspaper for cleaning my windows! I would love to have a streak-free shine.

    1. I do the same with paper, Brenda (great minds think alike!). Newspaper really does clean windows wonderfully. Just be careful on the frames of the windows. Sometimes the newsprint ink leaves smudges (but never on the glass).

  2. Great content shared by you.. really helpful and useful article.Such a nice Idea Keep posting such great ideas.

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