5 Easy Tips to Save Money

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With this being March and the month of St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve got green on my mind and that means money, money, money, honey.  The combination of thinking all about the green and it being tax season has me focused on saving money for my family.  Since I’m a busy mama and don’t have time for elaborate money-saving schemes, I use these 5 easy tips to save money.  They’re so easy that you can fit these tips in your purse.yellow purse with cell phone, handwritten shopping list, snack bar and purple envelope visible in purse
5 Easy Tips to Save Money

1.  Carry an envelope for coupons and receipts.

purple envelope with 2 stacks of receipts on white wood table

purple envelope next to label maker with 2 labels, "coupons" and "receipts" on white wood table

I picked up an inexpensive vinyl 2-sided envelope and grabbed my label maker.

purple envelope labeled "receipts" on white wood table

Mark one side for Receipts.  This helps you keep all your receipts neatly in one spot (rather than floating around and getting lost in the bottom of different purses and shopping bags).  Knowing where your receipts are helps you save money when you want to return an item, price match an item, check your receipts against your monthly credit card statement and balance your monthly budget.

purple envelope labeled "coupons" on white table with one coupon peeking out

Label the other side of the envelope as Coupons.  Keeping your store coupons in your purse means that you’ve got them right there with you at the checkout line not at home sitting neatly on a counter (ask me how I know this happens).

2.  Evaluate your cell phone plan.

I prefer a no-contract cell phone plan so that I’m not locked into a contract. You can find no-contract cell phone plans at Walmart that can save you money and give you more control over your financial plan.

I popped over to Walmart while I was out running errands to check out the Walmart Family Mobile’s new 4G LTE service and phones.  The Walmart Family Mobile plan is $29.88 per month for the first line and gives you unlimited talk, text and data, including up to 500MB of 4G LTE data.

I found the cell phones in the electronics section in 2 different phone displays. One display was located on the front of the checkout counter and the other display was located just behind the checkout counter in the electronics department.

I purchased the Alcatel Evolve 2 for only $39.83 (was $59.88).  Be sure to also purchase the $25 Starter Kit if you’re new to Walmart Family Mobile. The $20 I saved on the sale price of the phone almost entirely covered the cost of the Starter Kit.

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change.

blue box of new cell phone with white and blue package of sim card

You can activate the phone and the Walmart Family Mobile service right there in store or at home online or by phone.  It only takes about 10 minutes to activate the phone and service in the store and was easy to do.

3.  Load coupon and money-saving apps onto your phone. 

screen of black cell phone

There are lots of free coupon and other money-saving  apps you can load right onto your phone. As long as you have your phone with you, you’ll always have those money-saving tools with you, too.  The apps are easy to find and load onto on my new Walmart Family Mobile Alcatel Evolve 2.

 4.  Always take a list when you go shopping.

cell phone on handwritten shopping list next to yellow purse with receipts envelope and snack bar

I keep a running shopping list at home so that my family can add what they need as they think of it.  Going shopping with a list keeps you focused on what you need so you’re less likely to be distracted by something new and shiny that you don’t need.  A list also helps ensure you get everything you do need so you don’t have to make an extra shopping trip later (which wastes time and gas money).

5.  Take a snack with you.

I always carry a snack in my purse and usually a water bottle in my car (shopping is hard work!).  This keeps me from impulse purchasing junk food or from stopping for a fast food snack.  When my kiddos were younger, I always carried a small cooler bag filled with drinks and healthy treats whenever we left the house.  I still carry a cooler bag of drinks and snacks whenever we go out to sporting events or on car trips so that we have healthy snacks with us and don’t stop to purchase more expensive snacks.

Being a busy mama, I only have the time and energy to commit to easy money-saving tips.  These are 5 easy tips to save money that I can actually work into my daily life.  What’s your favorite easy money-saving tip?

view into open yellow purse with phone  and envelope labeled receipts

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  1. These are all great tips! The snack idea is an often-overlooked but super effective tip since when errand-running takes longer than expected your only other alternative is to eat out which can add up quickly! I am an app fanatic too so I have a whole folder on my phone for all my coupon and money-saving apps. I probably save $20 a week just from that one trick alone.

  2. Good list! It is hard work shopping, and planning and saving! I have trouble with receipts and coupons. My purse is a disaster. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  3. i’m always looking for ways to savem oney too, so when I saw this post Is miled and knew iH ad to give it a look! I was right it was deff up my alley! Onet hing I do is keep a 6 pack of canned or bottled sodas in my caran d a snack box at all times. Because when we are out eating out is so exspensive and by having these items I save a ton of money keeping them from being hungry!

  4. Great tips. I love keeping snacks on me. Otherwise, if I am shopping and hungry, my list means nothing to me. I just buy what I want to eat at that moment!

  5. Hi Susan. Another great post.

    The snack is for me the far best tip. If I am hungry at the grocery store I will impulse buy blow the budget.

    Best wishes, Darlene

    1. Thanks, Darlene. Sounds like we’re not alone in our impulse snacking while out shopping. Have a great weekend.

  6. These are great tips, I always have a stash of coupons in my purpose with no rhyme or reason. I also use WFM for my daughter. She recently lost her phone and was thrilled I could cancel her plan if she did not find it.

  7. Great ideas for saving money. I especially like the tip to have a snack when you go grocery shopping. I always buy way too much food when I’m hungry!

  8. These are really great tips. I think the tip about keeping a snack in your purse is great. I know I buy way to much junk when I go to the store hungry. Also, keeping receipts handy is really smart too!

  9. I can only use 3 of these wonderful tips (as my phone is so old it can’t download) and I just carry my coupons in my truck so I can use them wherever I shop. Great ideas though.

    1. Having an older phone is great way to save money, Ronald. I didn’t get a smart phone until well after most people I know. Keeping your coupons in the truck is a great idea since you have them with you but don’t have to lug them around until you need them.

  10. These are really nice tips. I love the first tip because I’m unorganized about receipts and coupons. I also like the snack tip because I buy less unnecessary food when I don’t shop hungry.

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